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What festival is the autumnal equinox every year? Does it mean half of autumn

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has 24 solar terms in China, and the time of the 24 solar terms is also different, and the meaning of the 24 solar terms is also different. So what is the autumn equinox every year? Does the autumnal equinox mean half autumn? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

每年秋分日是什么节 秋天过了一半的意思吗

what is the annual autumnal equinox festival: since 2018, China has established the annual Lunar autumnal equinox as the "Chinese farmers' harvest festival". Chinese farmers' harvest festival "is the first Festival set up for farmers at the national level.

autumnal equinox means that the autumn equinox is half past: Yes, it means that the whole autumn equinox is divided equally. First, the day and night equinox, that is, the day and night are 12 hours, because the sun shines directly on the equator at the autumnal equinox, and the sunlight in the northern and southern hemispheres is the same. Second, it means that the autumn equinox is half past. At this time, autumn is the most comfortable, half cold and half warm, stick around.

每年秋分日是什么节 秋天过了一半的意思吗

the solar term blessing of the autumnal equinox 1. The rippling spring and blue waves in autumn give you the power of happiness; The autumn rain is natural and unrestrained, let good luck accompany you; The autumn fruits are full of fragrance, and the friendship of life will never be forgotten; The autumn wind is dancing and flying. May happiness stay in my heart. 2. Pick an autumn leaf to smooth the sad loss; Catch a wisp of autumn wind and abandon the trace of trouble; Listen to the autumn rain and harvest happy expectations; Send a text message to wish you good luck on the autumn equinox. Wish: Happy autumnal equinox! 3. Autumnal equinox, equinox between day and night, worry and sadness, five split and four split, good luck, equinox of autumn, happiness, hard to give up, happy every day, appropriate, comfortable life and penetrating. Wish: Happy autumn wind! 4. The autumn scenery is continuous, and the cold smoke is green on the waves. The heart misses, the feeling follows, the friend is precious. At the autumnal equinox, the autumn cold is gradually attacking. You should rest no matter how tired you are. Take care of your body. Smile no matter how urgent you are. Don't let your mood get upset. Cool weather and light days. May you be healthy and happy.

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