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What exactly does the autumnal equinox mean

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in China's autumn, there is a special solar term is the autumnal equinox. This solar term divides many things equally. What is the autumnal equinox? What does the autumnal equinox mean? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

秋分到底是分什么 是指什么意思呢

what exactly is the autumnal equinox? Day and night are divided equally, and the time of day and night is equal, gradually from day to day and night to day and night. Because the sun reaches 180 degrees of the Yellow longitude on this day, it will direct at the earth's equator. Therefore, the 24 hours of this day in most parts of the world are as long as day and night, that is, the time of day and night is 12 hours. After the autumnal equinox, as the direct point of the sun gradually enters the Southern Hemisphere from the equator, the short day and long night begin to appear in the northern hemisphere, and the time of day begins to be shorter than that of night in a day; In the southern hemisphere, on the contrary, the time of day is longer than that of night.


are equally divided in autumn. According to the seasonal division method in ancient China, which began with the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the autumnal equinox occupies 90 days of autumn, and the autumn is equally divided. Because the ancients called the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer, the beginning of autumn and the beginning of winter the division of the four seasons, that is, the beginning of autumn arrived in autumn. There are 15 days between each solar term. There are 6 solar terms in a season. The autumnal equinox solar term is the fourth solar term in autumn. The Autumnal Equinox Day just divides autumn equally.

秋分到底是分什么 是指什么意思呢

climate is divided equally. According to the lunar calendar, "beginning of autumn" is the beginning of autumn, and "frost" is the end of autumn. The "autumnal equinox" is exactly half of the 90 days from beginning of autumn to frost. From the autumnal equinox, the climate mainly presents three characteristics: the position of direct sunlight continues to move from the equator to the southern hemisphere, the phenomenon of short days and long nights in the northern hemisphere will become more and more obvious, the days will gradually become shorter and the nights will become longer (until the winter solstice reaches the longest night and the shortest day); The temperature difference between day and night increases gradually, and the range will be higher than 10 ℃; The temperature drops day by day, colder day by day, and gradually enters the late autumn season. The reverse is true in the southern hemisphere.

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