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What day, hour and minute is the cold dew this year? What is the specific day of the week

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Each different solar term of

has different characteristics, and the cold dew is the solar term that counts down in autumn, and also represents the coming cold winter. So what is the cold day, hour and minute this year? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

今年寒露是几日几时几分2020 具体是周几

what month, day, hour and minute is the cold dew this year? 2020 Gregorian time: 03:55:07, October 8, 2020, Thursday lunar date: August 22, 2020. On Thursday,

the poem "on the pond" (Bai Juyi), which is related to the cold dew, curls in a cool wind, and the cold dew is zero. The orchid fades, the flower begins to white, the lotus breaks, and the leaves are still green. Independent sand cranes, double flying water fireflies. If it is a lonely place, it is still worth waking up.

cold dew (Wei Kai) cold arboreal crows, flowers in dew water. The moon shines in the shallow well, and the horizon is known in the quiet autumn.

Jade Butterfly (Liu Yong) looks at the rain and the clouds break, quietly with the stop, watching the autumn light. The evening scenery is bleak and sparse, which can move Song Yu's sadness. The water and wind are light, the apple flowers are getting old, the moon dew is cold, and the Chinese parasol leaves are yellow. Send emotional injury. Where is the old friend? The water is boundless. Unforgettable. The cultural reception, a few lonely wind and moon, changes all the time. The sea is vast and the mountains are remote. I don't know where Xiaoxiang is! Reading double swallows, it is difficult to rely on far faith. It refers to the evening sky and the return of air knowledge. Look at each other gloomily. In the sound of the broken rainbow, the setting sun is set.

今年寒露是几日几时几分2020 具体是周几

the happy blessing of the cold dew solar term. The old trees are getting thinner and thinner, and the geese fly south and look back. Dew white leaves fall and fall in autumn. The sky is high, the clouds are light, and the water is long. The light wind slowly revolves around my heart, missing him. In the cold dew season, I remember my friends and add clothes to keep warm. The wind of cold dew is cool; Cold dew rain, cold; The frost of cold dew is white; Greetings from cold dew, warm; When the cold dew comes, the sky turns cold. Remember to add clothes. I wish you good health and happiness. Cold dew is happy! The sun shines everywhere, and the dew is shining near the flower branches. When the cold dew comes, the weather is cool, and the care in my heart is longer. Greetings and blessings are ringing in my ears. Although the message is short and the friendship is long, I wish you good health forever!

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