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What season is the cold dew in 2020? What are the solar terms, one, two and three

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this year's cold dew solar term is after the Mid Autumn Festival on October 8, and people don't know much about the cold dew solar term. What season is the cold dew solar term in 2020? What are the first, second and third periods of cold dew? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020寒露是在什么季节的节气 一候二候三候分别是什么

what season is the 2020 cold dew: the autumn cold dew represents the official beginning of the autumn season. In the cold dew season, the temperature is low, the dew increases, and the climate gradually changes from cool to cold snow, which is very beneficial to the autumn harvest. At this time, the North was in the busy season of corn harvest and winter wheat planting. But for the south, the decreasing rainfall during the cold dew will affect the growth of crops. During the cold dew, there is more dew, and the climate gradually changes from cool to cold snow, which is very beneficial to the autumn harvest. In cold dew season, there were ancient customs of appreciating chrysanthemums, drinking chrysanthemum wine, climbing mountains and so on.

what are the first, second and third cold dew? 1. Hongyan guests. Wild geese come first in mid autumn and later in autumn. "Tong Shu" is Lai bin. Waterfront, waterfront and communication. 2. When a bird enters the flood, it is a clam. There are different kinds of finches and birds. This is yellow finch. Big water, sea also, "Mandarin" says: a bird into the sea is a clam. The cold wind is serious and mostly goes into the sea. Turn it into a clam and turn it into a potential object. Clam, mussel, this small one is also. 3. Chrysanthemum has Huanghua. Plants and trees all bloom in the Yang, while chrysanthemums alone bloom in the Yin. Therefore, it is said that the flowers of peach trees do not speak of color, while chrysanthemums alone speak of color, which should be in season and autumn.

2020寒露是在什么季节的节气 一候二候三候分别是什么

warm messages from cold dew 1. From cold dew to frost, from light snow to winter solstice, the solar terms go through the stage, and the concern is the same. The days are getting longer and longer, and the friendship is getting longer and longer. The sun is getting warmer and warmer. May you feel happy. Although the temperature has warmed up, the cold wave has its edge. May you take care of your body and be healthy every day. 2. The weather turns cold. Friends from afar, please remember to add clothes. Although we are far away now, you are always in my heart and have not been forgotten. Dear friend, you will always be a light in my life. It's cold. Don't catch cold. 3. Youth is not afraid of busyness. Life is afraid of busyness. Life is for salary. It's best not to have more than one wheel. Don't provoke cold dew in cold weather, and wear more clothes without exposure. 4. Cold dew nurtures green autumn, and frost falls together; Winter wheat, light snow farm leisure; Remember to cool down and add clothes for warmth; The night wind is cold and piercing, and sleeping quilt is mended; Practice martial arts more in the morning. I wish you are as strong as a tiger!

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