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Is it winter after the 2020 frost term? How to keep healthy

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

will usher in China's frost term on October 23 this year, and the frost term is China's autumn term. Is it winter after the 2020 frost term? How does frost fall protect health? What is it? Let's understand the frost solar terms with the old yellow calendar!

2020霜降节气过后是否就是冬天了 如何保健养生

is winter after the 2020 frost term: the frost term is followed by the beginning of winter, and the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, because the frost term is the last term of autumn, and the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, which means the beginning of winter and entering a cold winter.


how to protect health by frost reducing solar terms 1. Pay attention to the temperature difference and indoor temperature and humidity. If the room temperature is too high, you will feel bored and tired. If the room temperature is too low, the muscles are tense, timid and unwilling to move.

2. Adjust your daily life. For autumn health care, you should first pay attention to your daily life adjustment. The living space should be spacious and independent. The spacious space not only facilitates the life of joint patients, but also broadens people's mood.

3. When the diet should be flat and supplement the frost, it has entered late autumn. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this season belongs to the "gold" of the five elements, corresponding to the lung. Therefore, the diet regimen is suitable for "flat tonic".

2020霜降节气过后是否就是冬天了 如何保健养生

4. It is still necessary to prevent autumn dryness. Although autumn is coming to an end, it is still necessary to prevent autumn dryness and frost. Although the solar terms have reached late autumn, the "autumn dryness" has not completely subsided. If dryness evil injures people, there will be a series of autumn dryness diseases, such as dry mouth, dry lips, dry nasopharynx, hoarseness, dry cough, less phlegm, thirst and constipation.

5. The spirit of recuperation often causes a sense of desolation in some people's hearts due to the cold climate, reduced sunshine, wind and leaves, and is prone to the sad and melancholy "sad autumn" complex.

6. Go to bed early and get up early. The best way to take care of yourself in frost season is to get enough sleep. Going to bed early and getting up early can make people wake up early and energetic, so as to avoid autumn fatigue.

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