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Characteristics and customs of frost term on October 23, 2020

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will usher in the last solar term of autumn season on October 23, but many people are not very clear about the solar term of frost. What are the characteristics of the solar term of frost on October 23, 2020? What is the custom of frost falling solar terms? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年10月23日霜降节气的特点 节气的风俗

the characteristics of frost term on October 23, 2020 frost is the last term in autumn, which falls on October 23-24 of the Gregorian calendar every year, starting when the sun is at 210 ° of the Yellow longitude. "The collection of the seventy-two seasons of the month" says: "in September, the air is cold and condensed, and the dew turns into frost." "frost falling" means that the weather gradually turns cold and the dew condenses into frost. At night in autumn, there is a lot of heat dissipation on the ground. When the temperature suddenly drops below 0 ° C, the water vapor in the air directly condenses on the ground or plants to form fine ice needles. Some become hexagonal frost flowers with white color and loose structure. This white crystal is "frost". Generally speaking, the better the sun during the day and the higher the temperature, the more frost will form at night, so the temperature difference between morning and evening before and after frost is greater. Frost can only form on sunny days. People say that "thick frost fierce sun" is this truth. The custom of


frost falling solar terms. It is said that before the Qing Dynasty, there was a grand military withdrawal ceremony in the flag Temple next to the martial arts hall of the teaching ground in Wujin County, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. According to the ancient custom, the beginning of spring every year is the day of the army, and frost is the time of the army's withdrawal. Therefore, on the eve of frost, the chief soldiers and military officers of the government and county should be fully armed, wearing armor, holding knives, guns, bows and arrows, and line up to the flag flag temple to hold a ceremony of the army's withdrawal, in order to remove the ominous and bring peace to the world. On the early morning of the fifth watch of the frost day, the military attach é s gathered in the temple and gave the flag a big gift of three kneeling and nine kowtowing. After the ceremony, the people lined up and fired empty guns three times, and then tried artillery and shooting again, which is called "frost falling", and the people watched like a tide.


practice war shooting boxes are symbols of killing and cutting. In order to comply with the severe slaughter in autumn, the ancients practiced battle formation and hunting this month. As recorded in the "spring and autumn feeling charm": "when the frost begins to fall in the season and autumn, hawks and falcons strike, and Wang zheshun is killed by heaven to become the power of killing."

2020年10月23日霜降节气的特点 节气的风俗

when the grain warehouse is full of frost, it is a major solar term for agricultural harvest after autumn every year. Wujin's agricultural proverb: "when the frost comes, well, old and young." that means that the crops in the field can be harvested whether they are mature or not.

buy persimmons and apples. There are also many auspicious folk customs in the north of the Yellow River during the frost season: for example, people will buy persimmons and apples, which means that everything is safe. Businessmen will put chestnuts and persimmons together to enjoy red leaves, frost leaves and red flowers in February. After the frost, maple trees, yellow trees and other trees began to spread over the mountains and the fields under the comfort of autumn frost, turning red and yellow, like fire, very spectacular.

Tomb sweeping in ancient times, people had to go to the tomb sweeping in frost season. According to the Qing Tongli, it is recorded that "on the cold food and frost Festival at the age of 18, I visited and expanded Tsuen. When the time is up, I will wear plain clothes to reach the tomb, with the tools of wine writing and diamond cutting plants and trees; Zhou clothes seal the trees and cut off the thorns, so it is called sweeping the tomb." nowadays, the custom of frost sweeping the tomb is rare.

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