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When is the beginning of winter 2020? 7:13:46 on November 7

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will usher in the beginning of winter after the frost term, the last term in autumn, and the beginning of winter term time is also different every year. When does the beginning of winter begin in 2020? What are the suitable fruits? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年立冬是什么时候开始 11月7日7点13分46秒

when does the beginning of winter 2020 start? Gregorian time: 07:13:46, November 7, 2020, Saturday lunar date: September 22, 2020, Saturday start time: 07:13:46, November 7, 2020, Saturday end time: 04:39, November 22, 2020, Sunday

After the beginning of winter, people will be in the alternating environment of outdoor cold and indoor warmth for a long time, which is easy to lead to the decline of immunity. At this time, you might as well eat some winter jujube in season, which can supplement vitamin C to improve immunity.


pears are the most common fruits in winter. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pears contain malic acid, citric acid, glucose, fructose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of vitamins. Eating pears has the functions of moistening the throat, moistening the lungs, relieving cough and nourishing the intestines and stomach. They are most suitable for patients with fever and internal heat in winter and spring.

2020年立冬是什么时候开始 11月7日7点13分46秒

Grapefruit grapefruit is a typical southern fruit. It is sour and sweet with slight bitterness, rich in juice and contains a lot of vitamin C. The natural pectin contained in it can reduce the content of cholesterol, help the absorption of calcium and iron, dissolve Stagnation with the stomach, generate saliva and quench thirst.


apples have the effects of Tonifying Spleen Qi, nourishing stomach yin, generating saliva and relieving thirst, moistening lung and pleasing heart. They are known as the God of cardiovascular health protection. In addition to containing more carotene, vitamin B and C, it also contains more magnesium, which can make people's skin fit, ruddy and shiny, and remove chloasma and butterfly spots on the face.

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