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Introduction to the corresponding ancient poetry of Lidong solar term

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Lidong is one of the 24 solar terms in China. It officially began to enter winter at the beginning of Lidong, and Lidong also retains many cultures. What is the corresponding ancient poem of Lidong solar term? What is Lidong 2020? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

立冬节气相应的古诗 简介介绍2020

the ancient poem corresponding to the beginning of winter solar term, that is, the beginning of winter in Song · Qiu yuan, the drizzle is cold without frost, and the wood leaves in front of the court are half green and yellow. Xiaochun hasn't been here for many days. Where does the plum blossom bloom.

in the beginning of winter and Song Dynasty, purple and gold frost fell into the water, the lotus pond was dry, and the west wind gradually called the north wind. Boxwood is stubborn, and white birch is soft and half sparse. The cold frost on the door can wake up the bones, and the residual photos on the window are good for reading. It is planned to sing plum snow in March and borrow its own small stove.


on September 26, the snow was not seen in the north. Most of the clouds were in time and there was no song Fanghui. It was still ten days since the beginning of winter, and the clothes were not covered with cotton. The wind overturned the house in the middle of the night and snowed the boat in the morning. It's strange that the time is not good. I'm the most pitiable old man. The sleeves hide sour fingers and shrug frozen shoulders against the railing. The withered intestines suddenly rustle, and the remnant chrysanthemums are still fresh and beautiful. A poor man without a quilt should be entangled with more diseases.

lidongming · Wang Zhideng the autumn wind blows away the old tingke, and the yellow leaf Danfeng passes in. A little Zen light for half a month. It's colder tonight than last night.

立冬节气相应的古诗 简介介绍2020

introduction of the beginning of winter solar terms November 7 or 8 of each year is the beginning of winter in ancient China. At the beginning of winter, all autumn crops are collected and dried, and stored in the warehouse. Moreover, the animals have been hidden for hibernation. The beginning of winter not only represents the coming of winter, but also means the beginning of winter, the collection of all things and the avoidance of cold. At the beginning of winter, the solar radiation energy obtained by the northern hemisphere is less and less. At this time, there is still a certain surplus of heat stored on the surface in the first and second half of the year, so it is generally not too cold. When it is sunny and windless, there is also a warm and comfortable "little sunny spring" weather, which is not only very pleasant, but also very beneficial to the growth of winter crops. However, at this time, the cold air in the North has a strong power. It often invades the South frequently, and sometimes it will form a cold wave weather with strong wind, cooling and rain and snow.

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