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What is the meaning of the 24 solar terms beginning of winter? Is it winter or the end of winter

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each solar term has its own meaning, and their characteristics are different, and the seasons are also different. What is the meaning of the beginning of winter of the twenty-four solar terms? Is winter coming or is it over? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!


what is the meaning of the 24 solar terms beginning of winter: it means the beginning of winter. It is a folk custom in ancient China that beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. In fact, China has a vast territory. Except for the coastal areas of South China where there is no winter all year round and the Qinghai Tibet plateau where there is no summer in winter, winter does not start at the same time. Winter also means the end of the year. It means that the field operation of the year is over and the crops should be collected after harvest. After the beginning of winter, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River will freeze, and farmers everywhere will gradually turn to farmland water conservancy infrastructure and other agricultural activities. The ancients had the saying of watching the weather and divining the cold and warm at the beginning of winter, such as "it's sunny at the beginning of winter, and it's cold in winter"; "The beginning of winter is overcast (cloudy and rainy), and the first winter is warm (warm winter)". From the beginning of winter, "water begins to ice and the ground begins to freeze". In the winter solstice, the sun is born, that is, the direct sunlight position moves to the north. Old Tianjin Wei said, "from the winter solstice, one copy a day." it means that the day is getting longer and longer.


is the beginning of winter or the end of winter: when winter comes, the beginning of construction also means that winter has begun since then. Winter means the end. It means to collect crops after harvest. China takes the beginning of winter as the beginning of winter. In the beginning of winter, the upper westerly jet has been fully established in southern Asia. At this time, the intensity and eastward movement of the South Branch of the upper westerly wind have a great impact on the precipitation weather in the Jianghuai area. When the zonal circulation in the Asian region and the fluctuation of the South Branch of the west wind is strong, a wide range of cloudy and rainy weather will occur. In addition, the end of zonal circulation and meridional circulation will also be established, with cold wave and significant cooling.

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