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Does the beginning of winter in 2020 represent the beginning of winter? What are the things to pay attention to

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is the beginning of winter after the frost term in autumn. At the beginning of winter, people will also have some related activities. So does the beginning of winter in 2020 mean entering winter? What do Lidong pay attention to? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020立冬代表进入冬天了吗 有哪些讲究事情

does the beginning of winter in 2020 represent the beginning of winter? Beginning of winter is one of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar and one of the traditional Chinese festivals; The time point is between November 7 and 8 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, the sun is at 225 ° of the Yellow meridian. At this time, the earth is located at - 16 ° 19 ', and the noon sun height in Beijing is only 33 ° 47'. After the beginning of winter, the sunshine time will continue to shorten and the noon sun height will continue to decrease. Chinese people begin winter with the beginning of winter. During the beginning of winter, there is a food custom that needs tonic to survive the severe winter. Li, Jianshi also means that winter has begun since then. Winter means the end. It means to collect crops after harvest. China takes the beginning of winter as the beginning of winter.

what do you pay attention to at the beginning of winter? 1. The sun is too long: too long sun exposure will reduce people's water five elements and reduce wealth. In terms of health, it will damage the skin, destroy the natural barrier of the human body, make harmful chemicals and microorganisms in the atmosphere invade the human body, cause infection, and cause vision loss. 2. Avoid excessive activity: after strenuous exercise, the heartbeat is easy to accelerate and the blood pressure rises, which is particularly prone to danger in this season. So it's best not to choose strenuous exercise after the beginning of winter. 3. Avoid going out too early: in the morning of winter, when the temperature is the lowest in the day, it is not only the most likely to cause a cold, but also the Yin Qi is relatively heavy. Non working people had better choose to exercise outside after 10 a.m. Workers should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm and adjust their luck.

2020立冬代表进入冬天了吗 有哪些讲究事情

4. Avoid taking a bath too long: Yin Qi is relatively heavy in winter. Taking a bath too long after the beginning of winter will reduce people's Yang Qi. Moreover, the air in winter is dry and cold, and many old people's skin is dry, desquamated and itchy, so it is not suitable to soak in water for a long time. 5. Avoid "minor diseases": the weather is cold after the beginning of winter, and people are prone to "minor diseases" such as cold, cough, headache and panic. In winter, they must be treated in time to prevent them. Don't accumulate old problems because of a moment's negligence.

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