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Is it winter when Lidong comes? Why do the South eat dumplings

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when talking about the solar term beginning of winter, people's first reaction is to enter winter, but many people don't know much about it. Is it winter as soon as beginning of winter? Why does Lidong eat dumplings in the south? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

立冬一到就是冬天了吗 为什么南方吃汤圆

is winter as soon as the beginning of winter comes: If winter is not necessarily defined from the climate, the real meaning of winter is that the average temperature in your area must be lower than 10 ℃ for 5 consecutive days. However, during the general beginning of winter solar terms, some parts of China still fail to meet this standard, so even if these areas usher in the beginning of winter, It will take some time for winter. Of course, if calculated according to astronomy, it will be winter in China from December every year until March of the next year. Some regions in China, such as Sanya, only have winter according to astronomical methods. If it is calculated according to the climate, there will be no winter.

立冬一到就是冬天了吗 为什么南方吃汤圆

why does the South eat Tangyuan at the beginning of winter? Eating Tangyuan at the beginning of winter means round and round. Eating Tangyuan at the beginning of winter has many benefits. It is the beginning of winter. The temperature in winter is cold, Yin flourishes and Yang declines. Tangyuan with sufficient heat can ensure sufficient energy supply for the human body. Lard meat balls in the South and sugar Lantern Festival in the north are full of carbohydrates and energy. Take a bite to warm up for half a day. Glutinous rice dumplings are round in appearance and filled or solid inside. They are called yuanxiao in the north and Tangyuan in the south. There are many kinds of Yuanxiao dumplings. Especially with fillings. Sweet fillings generally include bean paste, white sugar sesame, osmanthus assortment, jujube paste, nuts, sesame paste, almonds, ginkgo, hawthorn, etc; Salty fillings generally include fresh diced meat, shrimp, etc. There are also vegetable filled yuanxiao, which is composed of mustard, onion, garlic, leek and ginger. It is called "five flavor Yuanxiao", which means hard-working, long-term and upward.

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