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What time is the light snow on November 22, 2020? 04:39:38

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after the beginning of winter, people will usher in a colder solar term, light snow solar term, and the time of light snow solar term is different every year. What time is the light snow on November 22, 2020? What time is light snow in 2020? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年11月22日小雪几点 04点39分38秒

what time is the light snow on November 22, 2020: 04:39:38, Sunday, November 22, 2020, light snow on the eighth day of October in the lunar calendar, the 20th of the twenty-four solar terms. At this time, the sun reaches 240 ° of the Yellow longitude and is located at - 20 ° 16 'of the right latitude. Yin Qi drops and Yang Qi rises, resulting in the impassability of heaven and earth, the non intersection of yin and Yang, the loss of vitality of all things, the occlusion of heaven and earth and the transition to severe winter. After a light snow, there will be snow falling in the north; In the south, the scene of "lotus leaves, chrysanthemums, dead leaves and frost branches" is the scene at the beginning of winter. Light snow, wind as promised. In the vast areas of China, the northwest wind began to become a frequent visitor, and the temperature gradually dropped below 0 ℃. However, the earth is not too cold. Although it began to snow, the amount of snow is small, so it is called light snow.

light snow solar term warm blessing 1. When the earth turns to a certain angle, light snow will arrive; When the pointer of friendship is attracted by the magnetic pole, missing comes; When the amorous radio waves plug in the wings of care, the greetings come. I wish my dear friends a warm winter and take good care of themselves! 2. The trees are shining, the grass is yellow, and all worries and troubles are forgotten; The wind is cold, the rain is cool, and friends greet warm hearts; When winter comes, the temperature will drop, and the warmth of friends will never drop; Busy work, busy life, care for friends can not forget; Greetings, friendship rises and happiness is shared. The light snow solar term is coming and the temperature is falling. Remember to add clothes to keep warm. May you be healthy and auspicious in winter!

2020年11月22日小雪几点 04点39分38秒

3. The fallen leaves are tired and the flying autumn is gone; Cold weather, Lidong slowly fled; The cold wind blows and the light snow solar term comes; The cell phone rang and my blessing was delivered. Frost and frost have been holding hands, the temperature has dropped below zero, the cold wind has been biting, the days are short and the nights are long. What are you waiting for? Clothes should be added, quilts should be added, and my greetings have been sent. May you be safe and healthy! 4. I know you are smart, understand you are pure and clean, accompany you proudly and send carbon in the snow. I hope you will have a good year and have fun with you. Don't be cold as ice. The truth won't disappear, and the real meaning can't disappear. Light snow solar term, wish clouds rise and snow fly and report peace!

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