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2020 light snow is the first solar term in winter. What are the precautions

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light snow is the solar term after the beginning of winter, and it has entered a cold winter at the beginning of winter, but many people are not very clear about light snow. So how many solar terms is 2020 light snow in winter? What precautions does light snow have? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!


light snow in 2020 is the second solar term in winter: the second light snow is the 20th of the 24 solar terms. November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar is light snow, which is called light snow solar term. Light snow indicates the starting time and degree of snow. Snow is the product of cold weather. What are the precautions of


light snow 1. Light snow health care taboo close the door. If you often work indoors, don't forget to open windows properly for ventilation, so as to maintain indoor air circulation and humidity and keep away from dryness and flu. In winter, people are often most concerned about the indoor temperature, while ignoring the indoor ventilation and humidity.

2. It is forbidden for Xiaoxue to go to bed early and get up early. Remember to "raise and store" Yang Qi before and after Xiaoxue.

3. Xiaoxue health care taboo eating hot and dry food. It is cold in winter. People like to eat warm food to resist the cold.


the solar term of light snow is beautiful. 1. When light snow comes, it is cold, floating clouds are all over the sky, and your thoughts are connected. May you feel like snow, wash away all your troubles, open a happy day, and have a happy year. The light snow solar term has come. Take care of yourself. I wish you a happy day! 2. Sending blessings is like snowflakes falling on the sky and flying all over the sky. May you receive happiness and send greetings, like snowflakes falling and spreading. It's all happiness. May you receive pleasant companions and make wishes, like snowflakes crystal, pure as jade, full of happiness. May you receive comfort, light snow solar terms, and may you laugh often. 3. When the light snow season comes, the snowflakes are floating all over the sky, and the thoughts are sprinkled in the dream. The feelings are still with you. Years are like running water. Greetings are warm, blessings are like sunshine, warm your heart. May you be healthy and safe, and happiness always follow! Happy Xiaoxue! 4. When the earth rotates to a certain angle, light snow will arrive. When the pointer of friendship is attracted by the magnetic pole, missing comes. When the amorous radio waves plug in the wings of care, the greetings come. Warm winter, light snow happy!

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