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What is the meaning of light snow in 2020? What are the three times

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light snow is the second solar term in winter in China, and the light snow solar term is also different, and more people think that the light snow solar term is a weather. What does the meaning of light snow in 2020 mean? What are the three times of light snow? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年小雪的寓意是什么意思 有哪三候

what is the meaning of light snow in 2020? Light snow is the 20th of the 24 solar terms. The time is on November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, when the sun reaches 240 ° of the Yellow meridian. "Light snow" is a solar term reflecting climate characteristics. The light snow in the solar term is not necessarily related to the light snow in the weather. The meaning of "light snow" in the light snow solar term is different from that in the daily weather forecast. The light snow solar term is a climate concept, which represents the climate characteristics during the light snow solar term; The light snow in the weather forecast refers to the snow with less snow intensity. The light snow solar term is a solar term with high activity frequency of cold wave and strong cold air. In the light snow solar term, a relatively stable meridional circulation has been established in East Asia. There are often low-pressure or low trough in Siberia. When moving eastward, there will be large-scale cold air going south, and a large-scale gale cooling weather will appear in the east of China. Due to global warming, some parts of southern China will snow later, while the North has entered the cold ice freezing season.

2020年小雪的寓意是什么意思 有哪三候

which three times does light snow hide. The "Rainbow" here refers to the rainbow after the rain. Generally, in summer, there will be an occasional rainbow after the rain under the action of the sun, and the emergence of the rainbow needs rain, sunshine and temperature. After the arrival of the light snow solar term, the temperature is very low, and the rain will form ice and snow at low temperature, so the rainbow will not appear in this season. "The rainbow is hidden" means that the rainbow will disappear after this season, just like hiding. Second, the weather rose and the earth atmosphere fell. In China's traditional concept, "weather" is Yang Qi and "earth Qi" is Yin Qi. Therefore, during the light snow solar term, Yang Qi will rise and Yin Qi will fall, because Yin and yang can't communicate and it's difficult to achieve balance. That is, what we call the imbalance of Yin and Yang, which leads to the lack of vitality of all things. This is a major climatic feature of the light snow solar term. Three seasons lead to winter. This is related to the lack of yin and Yang in the previous period, because Yin and yang are blocked in this season, so everything is blocked and lifeless. Such a scene is the scene of winter, just like everything has entered hibernation. To sum up, the phenological phenomenon reflected by the three phases of light snow is that the rainbow no longer appears, and the Yang Qi and Yin Qi rise and fall one by one. The two are difficult to communicate, which makes everything look like blocked and lifeless. This is the arrival of winter.

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