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Is Xiaoxue November 22 every year? Diet taboo

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

light snow is the solar term in winter in China. When the light snow solar term is cold, there are places to pay attention to in all aspects. Is light snow November 22 every year? What is Xiaoxue's dietary taboo? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

小雪每年都是11月22日吗 饮食禁忌

is light snow on November 22 every year: it's not that the light snow solar term is between November 22 or 23. The establishment of the light snow solar term is based on the sun's revolution. When the sun rotates to the 240 ° position of the Yellow meridian, it is set as the light snow solar term, which will arrive on November 22 or 23 every year. The specific date is subject to the actual situation, which has a certain flexibility.

light snow diet taboo 1. Avoid spicy food. It is mainly convergent in winter. You should eat less hair growing food and eat some acidic food appropriately to soften blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular disease.

2. Avoid too hot and dry snow season. People like tonic to resist the cold. But not all hot foods are suitable for this season. Eating too much hot and dry things is easy to get angry.

3. Avoid fat, sweet and thick taste. The elderly should not eat too many thick taste foods, but can increase the proportion of high-quality protein, such as eggs, tofu or various seafood. It is not only easy to digest, but also rich in essential amino acids, with high nutritional value, but also enhance resistance.

小雪每年都是11月22日吗 饮食禁忌

light snow solar term good morning blessing 1. When the earth rotates to a certain angle, light snow will arrive. When the pointer of friendship is attracted by the magnetic pole, missing comes. When the amorous radio waves plug in the wings of care, the greetings come. Warm winter, take care of yourself! 2. It's snowing, troubles are quietly dusty, sorrow is deeply snowed, happiness is avalanched, good luck is sliding, money is in full bloom like pear flowers, friendship is as white as heaven and earth, and happiness is like snowflakes flying all over the sky. Happy little snow festival! 3. Xiaoxue is in the top position. I wish you good luck. The house is full of money, the mood is happy, the little face is full of smiles, the body is great, the heart is full of pride, love is sweet and happy, and bubbles! Wish you Xiaoxue a happy quack! 4. Send you a snowflake, crystal hexagonal, one corner is wealth, one corner is good luck, one corner is happiness, one corner is success, one corner is sweet love, and the other corner is unparalleled happiness. Xiaoxue, may the blessed snowflakes sprinkle all over your heart.

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