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What does the three seasons of heavy snow mean in 2020? Is it bound to snow

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will usher in an important solar term heavy snow solar term in China's winter on December 7 this year, and the heavy snow solar term is also a relatively cold solar term. What do the three seasons of heavy snow in 2020 mean respectively? Is it sure to snow in heavy snow? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年大雪三候分别指什么 一定会下雪吗

what are the three seasons of heavy snow in 2020? They are divided into three seasons: "first, the babbler [h é] babbler [D à n] does not sing; second, the tiger begins to pay; third, the litchi sticks out." first, the babbler does not sing: the cuckoo is a bird. It means that in this season, the weather is cold, birds and animals are absent, and even the cold trumpet bird stopped calling. Second, the tiger began to pay: the ancients believed that this was the peak period of Yin Qi, which flourished and declined, and Yang Qi had sprouted, so the tiger began to seek a mate. Three seasons of litchi sprouting: in the middle of winter and snow season, everything is silent. A kind of orchid called litchi sprouts and sprouts new buds when it feels the sprouting of Yang Qi. At this time, it grows on the ground alone.

is it sure to snow in heavy snow: not necessarily heavy snow, not necessarily snow in solar terms. In fact, the heavy snow does not mean that the snow is greater than that during light snow, but the possibility or scope of snow is increased, and the probability of snow is increased.

2020年大雪三候分别指什么 一定会下雪吗

warm messages from the circle of snow friends 1. In the cold winter, even if there is no cold wind and snowflakes, you should take good care of yourself and take good care of your body. My thoughts are happy with you. You are happy in winter and always happy. 2. When the cold current comes and the snow comes, the frozen mountains and rivers, the world will be white from now on. A red heart will hang you. Pay attention to cold prevention, heat preservation, moderate exercise, strong physique, diet and nutrition, life law and spirit. I wish you happiness and refreshing mood forever. 3. When the snow comes, let your troubles hibernate, hide your sadness, let happiness bloom for you like Chimonanthus, and let good luck surround you like snowflakes. And my blessing runs to your heart with endless warmth in the wind!

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