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Is the heavy snow solar term cold or light snow solar term cold in 2020? What is the general temperature

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in winter, the weather is relatively cold, and the heavy snow solar term is also a solar term in winter, but at the same time, many people are not very clear about this solar term. Is it cold for heavy snow solar term or light snow solar term in 2020? What is the general temperature of heavy snow? Let's analyze this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年大雪节气冷还是小雪节气冷 一般气温是多少

is the heavy snow solar term cold or light snow solar term cold in 2020: the climate of heavy snow and heavy snow will be a little colder than light snow, but the temperature difference is not big; In the light snow solar term, the temperature has decreased significantly. Snow begins to fall in common areas, but it is not the season of heavy snow, so it is called light snow. Heavy snow solar term. At this time, it will not only snow, but also snow often falls in a large and wide range, so it is called heavy snow. What is the general temperature of


heavy snow season? Except for the winter free areas in South China and southern Yunnan, most parts of China have entered winter. The average temperature in Northeast and Northwest China has reached below - 10 ℃, and the temperature in the Yellow River Basin and North China has also stabilized below 0 ℃. At this time, there is gradually snow in the Yellow River Basin, and further north, It has snowed heavily.

heavy snow solar terms proverb, as the saying goes, heavy snow bodes well for a good year, no snow will suffer. This year's snow is heavy, and next year's wheat is good. Heavy snow is a good year. Heavy snow does not freeze, but cold spring. The snowy river is sealed, and boats can't go on the winter solstice. It's snowy and sunny, and there's a lot of snow at the beginning of spring.

2020年大雪节气冷还是小雪节气冷 一般气温是多少

heavy snow is not cold, and next year is dry. The cold wind welcomes the heavy snow, and the weather is warm on March 9. It's hot and snowy in winter. The heavy snow falls one after another and will eat model toads next year. Winter snow level, spring rain full of grain. This year, I will sleep in the snow with wheat, and next year I will sleep with steamed bread.

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