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What does it mean to have a boat in 2020? What does it mean to come

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The weather of

is relatively cold in winter, but there are also 24 solar terms in winter, including the heavy snow solar term. What does it mean that there is no boat in 2020? What does heavy snow mean? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020大雪不行船是什么意思 到来意味着什么

2020 what does it mean that a boat cannot be sailed in heavy snow? During the heavy snow solar term, the temperature is much lower. Compared with the light snow solar term, the temperature is much lower. Light snow is also considered to be the decline of yin and the rise of Yang, which will lead to the impassability of heaven and earth, the non intersection of yin and Yang, the loss of vitality of all things, and the occlusion of heaven and earth will gradually turn into cold winter, The arrival of the light snow solar term, although it starts to be cold, is also the beginning. Even if the snow falls, it is very small, and it is difficult to form a thick snow when it falls to the ground. The heavy snow solar term is different. The heavy snow solar term is the time when the cold current strikes the most in the northwest. The rain and snow weather increases significantly everywhere, and the temperature is very low. In the areas north of the Yellow River, lakes and rivers will also be frozen, This season is no longer suitable for sailing.

what does the arrival of heavy snow mean? The so-called heavy snow means that from today on, if it snows, it will be bigger and colder than during light snow. According to statistics, generally from November to February of the next year, rime will appear successively in the northwest, northeast and most of the Yangtze River Basin, and it is more common in mountainous areas with high humidity. Rime is the milky white ice crystal deposit on the object caused by the direct condensation of water vapor in the gas at low temperature or the direct freezing of supercooled fog droplets.

2020大雪不行船是什么意思 到来意味着什么

heavy snow farming proverbs the arrival of heavy snow indicates a good year in the coming year. The wheat is covered with three layers of quilt and sleeps with steamed buns. While the land is not sealed, pay close attention to the importance of winter farming, insert the plow late, stop the plow early, and melt the land around noon. Row hoes to suppress winter wheat. In some years, wheat can be watered. The wheat field is covered with soil and miscellaneous fertilizer. It is advocated to water urine in the wheat field. Continue to plant trees and protect the fruit forest. If the ground is not sealed firmly, dig the pit, apply fertilizer and water, smash the nest, the hole is airtight, and the survival rate is high. Don't neglect to dig wells and repair canals, and complete drainage and irrigation roads and forests. Don't forget to accumulate fertilizer in winter. Repair the livestock and poultry house and keep it warm. Farming sidelines should be booming, and every village and household should have a climax. If the pit and pond ice is not sealed, the excavation time shall be tight, the deep excavation and planing shall be carried out, and the water shall be filled conditionally, so as to lay a solid foundation for fish culture in the coming year.

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