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How cold are the verses related to the heavy snow solar term in 2020

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heavy snow solar term is the third solar term in winter, and the weather is gradually cold during heavy snow. People wear heavy clothes. What are the poems related to the heavy snow solar term in 2020? How cold is the snow solar term? Let's understand and analyze the solar terms with the old yellow calendar!

2020年大雪节气有关的诗句 有多冷

a poem related to the 2020 heavy snow solar term "snow poem" Zhang Zi is hard to find in the heavy snow day in Chang'an. Among them, haogui's house has four walls of mashed pepper. There are red furnaces everywhere, and Zhou Huixia Luomi. Warm your hands, mix the gold wire, dip it in jiachongqiong liquid. Drunk singing, jade dust flying, trapped melting fragrant juice drops. Do you know that hungry and cold people have chapped hands and feet to split


? The poem on snow (Song Dynasty) Huang Tingjian is even in the air, the spring snow is bright as washing, and suddenly remembers that the river water sees the sand. The night is still dense, and the dawn is full. The wind whirls and dances together, and the sky can open an acre of flowers. If you are making your heart cold to the bone, you might as well spend your time with peaches and plums.


in snow (Song Dynasty), Zhang Yuan and Wuding fought against the clouds with their swords and took the emperor's base under the Tianhe river. After the war, the jade dragon was three million, and the scales and remnants flew all over the sky.

snow song at night (Song Dynasty) Lu You snow flies thousands of miles in the new wind, and Su Su sobs window paper in the third watch. At first, I suspected that the goddess scattered flowers, and then I was afraid that Magu would throw rice.

Xie Xuefang's return to the snow in Tianqing Court (Song Dynasty) Lu You Peiyu is really worried about the snow and comforts the tired people. Before seeing the dancing crane cover with the wind, I like floating flowers and worship Yin. A thousand couples of ploughing, earth and ointment, and the wine in the city building is cheap. It makes you sad when you are old, and it is difficult to catch up with the new verse.

snow plum Lu Meipo, the poet ended his writing and Fei Pingzhang. Mei Xuxun's snow is three-thirds white, but the snow loses Mei's fragrance.

2020年大雪节气有关的诗句 有多冷

how cold is the heavy snow solar term? After entering the "heavy snow" solar term, the cold air is active and the weather is getting colder and colder. Meteorological data show that during heavy snow season, the average temperature in Northeast and Northwest China is below minus 10 ℃, and the temperature in the Yellow River Basin and North China is stable below 0 °. Cooling, snowfall, freezing rain, rime, haze and ice flood are several common weather characteristics after entering the "heavy snow". During the heavy snow season, except for the winter free areas in South China and southern Yunnan, most parts of China have entered winter. The cold air will have a very obvious cooling impact on the northern region. The cooling range from the central part of Inner Mongolia to the Huang Huai area is large, and the cooling in some areas may reach more than 10 ℃.

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