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What month is the solar term of mild cold in 2021? January 5, 2021

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is the penultimate solar term of the twenty-four solar terms, that is, Xiaohan. People say that Xiaohan solar term is the coldest time. What month and day is Xiaohan solar term in 2021? When does Xiaohan mean in 2021? Let's have a concrete analysis with Lao Huang!

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what month is the solar term of Xiaohan in 2021? The time of the Gregorian calendar: 11:23:17, January 5, 2021, the date of the lunar calendar on Tuesday: 11:23:17, winter 22, 2020, the starting time of Tuesday: 11:23:17, January 5, 2021, the ending time of Tuesday: 04:39, January 20, 2021, Wednesday

Introduction of Xiaohan solar term Xiaohan is the 23rd solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar and the fifth solar term in winter, marking the official beginning of the winter season. The ancients said: "cold air is cold after a long time. If it is small, it is not extreme." in the eyes of the ancients, cold is a process of continuous development and accumulation. In the light cold season, it is also in the middle of the winter of March 9. As the saying goes, "cold is in March 9" and "March 9 goes out on the ice", there is often a saying that "small cold is better than great cold". Therefore, the arrival of Xiaohan also means the coldest beginning of the year.


the blessings of the solar terms of Xiaohan 1. When Xiaohan arrives, say hello and send it early with considerate care; From the winter wind, exercise frequently and strengthen your body for health; Vitamin, supplement and nutrition, rich and unforgettable; Speaking of vinegar, it's a treasure. Eat more to protect your health. Xiaohan solar term, I wish you happiness and health! 2. Fill a car with happiness and peace, seize health to accompany you, hire the God of wealth to accompany you forever, and send all the blessings to keep you warm when Xiaohan comes. May you be happy forever and happy every day! 3. When Xiaohan arrives, let my greetings turn into a warm sun and shine on you all the time; Turn into a pot of fire to warm you all the time; Turn into a cotton padded jacket and wrap you all the time; Turn into a beautiful, always bless you. May you be well and take care at all times! Good health and good luck! 4. Snowflakes flutter, the temperature is low, and the winter is cold. Pay attention to the wind and cold when you go out. You're not in good health. The fire is hot to drive out the cold. Beware of the poisonous gas of soot. Open the door for ventilation, be careful of the cold, happy and healthy. May you be careful not to get cold. May you be healthy and proud of the cold.

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