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What do the three solar terms of the great cold in 2021 mean

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will usher in the solar term of severe cold after the solar term of mild cold, and the time of severe cold in 2021 is January 20. What do the three seasons of severe cold in 2021 mean respectively? What is the meaning of three cold seasons? Let's analyze this together with the old yellow calendar!

大寒 (3)

what are the three seasons of the great cold solar term in 2021? The first one is chicken milk, which means that chickens begin to feed their offspring. Because hens need a certain amount of sunshine to lay eggs, they rarely lay eggs before the cold solar term. At the beginning of the cold solar term, with the increase of light, hens can lay eggs and reproduce.


are two signs of severe illness. Another name of "sign bird" is "Hawk Falcon", which is a more ferocious bird. This bird can cross the Pacific Ocean with a small branch in its mouth. The reason why it wants to hold the branch is that it can throw the branch into the sea when it is tired, and then stand on it to rest. When it is hungry, it can directly catch fish to eat, and finally successfully cross the Pacific Ocean. Why does this bird have to be "fierce and ill" when it comes to the cold solar term? Here "calendar disease" refers to ferocity and speed. The reason why zhengniao wants to become fierce and fast is that the weather is colder in the cold season. He wants to grab more food to resist the cold.


are three seasons of water. The "water" refers to the water of the lake, and the "belly" refers to the water in the middle of the lake. The "hard" means solid. In the cold season, the ice on the lake will settle in the middle of the lake, and the whole ice will become very strong. You can play freely on it at this time. Generally, the ice on the lake is thicker in the last few days of the year. I think it's cold these days.

2021年大寒节气三候分别指什么 是什么意思呢

cold proverb 1. Heavy snow occurs every year, not in March and September, but in April and September. 2. Cold night star, millet is as expensive as gold. 3. It's hot in a little cold, but don't say it's cold in a big way. 4. Farmers have enough food and clothing in the cold. 5. Wheat seedlings were gnawed and the yield was damaged. 6. The winter solstice is in the middle of the month, and it is cold and frost free.

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