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What time is the waking of insects in 2021, 16:53:32, the second day of the first lunar month

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spring is the time when everything recovers, and waking up is the third solar term of spring, but many people are not so clear about the solar term of waking up. What time, minutes and seconds will it be in 2021? What is the date of Jingzhe in 2021? Let's analyze the sting together with the old Huang Li!

2021年惊蛰是几点几分几秒 16点53分32秒农历正月廿二

what time is the awakening in 2021? Gregorian calendar time: March 5, 2021, 16:53:32 lunar calendar date: the twenty second day of the first month (small), Friday start time: March 5, 2021, 16:53 end time: March 20, 2021, 17:37

What does "hiking" mean * insects that wake up after being hibernating by spring thunder? "Selected works · Zuo Si < Fu of Wei Du": "if the spring roar is suppressed, the insects will fly and compete; the hidden dragon floats in the scenery, and the secluded spring is high in the mirror." Li Shan's note quoted from Lv's spring and Autumn: "when you smell the thunder in spring, the insects will move." in the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar, it said: "on the February Festival, everything is shocked by the earthquake, and the earthquake is thunder, so it is called waking the insects. It is the insects that run away." Tao Yuanming, a poet of the Jin Dynasty, wrote a poem: "when it rains to promote the spring (g ò U), the thunder starts to strike the east corner, and the stings are all hidden and frightened, and the plants and trees are relaxed." in fact, insects can't hear the thunder. Spring returns to the spring, and the warming weather is the reason why they end their hibernation and "run away".

2021年惊蛰是几点几分几秒 16点53分32秒农历正月廿二

the blessing of the sting solar term 1. When the thunder rings and the sting arrives, my blessing runs all the way to you through the thunder and rain. May you take away your troubles and let happiness accompany you soberly; Take bad luck and let good luck cling to you; Let success hold you firmly. 2. In the clear sky, your thoughts are clearing up in your mind, the scenery of warm flowers in spring, and the spring of blessings. I give you a happy greeting. I wish you peace and security in your life, friend. I wish you a happy sting. 3. When the spring breeze blows, the blessings will come again, the temperature will rise, the body will move, the days will grow, the mood will be good, the connections will be more, the friendship will be sweet, the life will be noisy, and the sting will be happy. I wish you a happy and happy arrival. 4. When spring thunder rings, everything grows, and SMS blessings are sent again; Tell concern, say greetings, awaken the sting, the solar term is happy and long; Peach blossoms are red and pear blossoms are white. The spring breeze is warm and sends the fragrance of flowers. I wish you a happy sting!

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