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What are the climatic characteristics of rain in 2021? What are the relevant poems

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rain is not weather and meteorology, but one of the 24 solar terms, and the rain solar term also has some characteristics different from other solar terms. What are the climatic characteristics of rain in 2021? What are the poems about rain? Let's understand the analysis with the old yellow calendar!

雨水 (4)

what are the climatic characteristics of the rain in 2021: the rain begins and the rain increases gradually. The meaning of the rain solar term is that the rain begins and the rain increases gradually. In the Yellow River Basin, the origin of the 24 solar terms, the weather before the rain is cold, but snowflakes are flying and the rain is unpleasant; After rain, the temperature can generally rise above 0 ℃, with less snow and more rain. However, in the warm southern region, even in the middle of winter, rainfall is not rare. The average temperature in most parts of southern China during this period is more than 10 ℃, with peach and plum in bud and cherry flowers in bloom, which has indeed entered the climate of spring. In addition to individual years, the frost period has also ended. It's time to graft fruit trees and plant trees. Following the dry winter in South China, there are many Spring Droughts all year round, especially in the west of South China. In addition, the invasion of cold wave can cause strong cooling and snowstorm, which is very harmful to the old, weak and young animals. All of these should pay special attention to prevention. Rain not only indicates the beginning and increase of rainfall, but also indicates the increase of temperature. Before the rain, the weather was relatively cold. After the rain, people obviously feel that spring returns to the earth, flowers bloom in spring and the world is full of spring, and the refreshing breath inspires their body and mind.


poems related to the solar term of rain on spring night. Du Fu knows the season when the rain is good, when spring occurs. Sneaking into the night with the wind, moistening things silently. The wild path is dark with clouds, and the river boat is bright with fire. In the red and wet place at dawn, the flowers weigh the Jinguan city.


in early spring, the light rain on Hanyu Tianjie is as smooth as crisp, and the grass color is not seen from a distance. The best thing is the spring of the year, which is better than the smoke and willows all over the imperial capital.

雨水 (3)

after the spring rain in Lin'an, the taste of Lu You Song Dynasty is as thin as yarn. Who makes riders in Beijing. The small building listens to the spring rain all night, and the deep lane sells apricot flowers in the Ming Dynasty. Low paper oblique line idle grass, clear window fine milk play tea. Don't sigh in plain clothes. You can get home at Qingming.


night rain sent to the north. Li Shangyin asked whether there was a return date, and the night rain in Bashan rose in the autumn pool. Why cut the candles in the west window, but when it rains at night in Bashan.

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