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What is the spirit represented by the climatic characteristics of waking insects on March 5, 2021

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will usher in the dormant solar term on March 5, and the implication of the dormant solar term is also different from other solar terms. What are the climatic characteristics of the dormant solar term on March 5, 2021? What is the spirit of waking insects? Let's have a specific analysis and understanding with the old yellow calendar!

2021年3月5日惊蛰气候特点 代表的什么精神

on March 5, 2021, the climate characteristics of hibernation: the temperature rises rapidly, there are many diseases and pests, and the thunder continues. 1. The temperature rises rapidly. Hibernation is the solar term with the fastest temperature rise in the whole year. During the period of hibernation, most areas have begun to return to temperature, and the rain has increased. But this season, the temperature fluctuates greatly, the climate is changeable, and the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, so we must pay attention to keep warm in time.

2. There are many diseases and insect pests. "Spring thunder rings and everything grows". Farmers often regard the season of waking insects as the beginning of spring ploughing. When farmers plough in spring, they should also do a good job in spring crop management. Because warm climate conditions are easy to cause the occurrence and spread of a variety of diseases and pests, it is necessary to do a good job in disease and pest control in time.

3. Before and after the thunder continued to wake the insects, spring returned to the earth, and spring thunder has gradually appeared in most areas of the Yangtze River Basin. Folk proverb goes: before thunder strikes the sting, it rains in February; After the thunder startles the insects, the drought comes after spring. In other words, if the first spring thunder is on the day of waking the insects, it will be considered that the weather was good that year. If the first thunder rings before waking the insects, it indicates that there will be more rain in that year, and the situation of "continuous cloudy rain in spring" may occur.

2021年3月5日惊蛰气候特点 代表的什么精神

what spirit does it represent: farming spirit the solar term of waking up insects is of great significance in busy farming. Since ancient times, the working people of our country have attached great importance to the solar term of waking insects and regarded it as the beginning of spring ploughing. As the Tang poem goes, "a light rain brings new flowers, and a thunder startles the insects. The Tian family is idle for a few days, and farming starts from then on." the agricultural proverb also says: "after the sting Festival, spring farming can't rest", "nine poplars bloom, and agricultural work comes together." winter wheat in North China begins to grow green, and the soil is still alternating freezing and thawing. Raking the ground in time is an important measure to reduce water evaporation. "Waking insects without raking the ground is like steaming steamed buns, which is the valuable experience of the local people in drought prevention and moisture conservation.

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