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What month is the solar term for the beginning of summer in 2021? May 5

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After the Gu Yu solar term, the last solar term of

in spring, it means that spring is over, people will start to enter summer, and the first solar term in summer will start summer. What month and date will the solar term start summer in 2021? Let's analyze with the old yellow calendar!

2021年立夏节气是几月几号 5月5日

what month is the solar term for the beginning of summer in 2021? Gregorian time: May 5, 2021, 14:47:01 lunar date: March (big) 24th, Wednesday start time: May 5, 2021, 14:47 end time: May 21, 2021, 03:36 what is the beginning of summer (English Name: summer begins) is the seventh of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar. The first solar term in summer indicates the official beginning of the midsummer season. The date is May 5 or may 6 of the Gregorian calendar every year. It is customary to regard the beginning of summer as an important solar term when the temperature rises significantly, the summer heat is coming, thunderstorms are increasing, and crops enter the peak season.

2021年立夏节气是几月几号 5月5日


" Blessings of the solar terms at the beginning of summer 1. We share the summer blown by the wind; we walk together in the rainy summer; we never abandon the days surrounded by love. Let our love welcome the new summer. I wish you a happy beginning of summer! 2. It is said that if you receive a blessing on this day, your ideal will grow in spring and summer, even though it is hot in summer, It will also be like summer flowers, so I immediately send the hottest blessing to you. I wish you happiness and health! 3. Untie your sadness and let the rain wash away your sadness; let the green hang all over your heart and let the scorching sun put a glow on you. Please cherish the beginning of summer and hope your dear friends will be happy and happy every day! 4. The beginning of summer, when summer comes, the sun shines and flowers are beautiful. Good luck , the temperature is rising, the mood is warm, bless you, worry is scattered, sorrow is floating, auspicious embrace, happiness embrace, good summer, happy every day!

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