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When is the beginning of winter in 2021? What month? November 7, 12:58:37

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in China, frost is the last solar term in autumn, and the beginning of winter means the arrival of winter, and people are going to enter colder weather. When, months and days is the beginning of winter in 2021? Let's understand and analyze the beginning of winter solar terms with the old yellow calendar!

2021年立冬是什么时候几月几日 11月7日12点58分37秒

when is the beginning of winter in 2021? What month? What day? Solar calendar time: November 7, 2021, 12:58:37 lunar calendar date: October (small) third day, Sunday start time: November 7, 2021, 12:58 end time: November 22, 2021, 10:33

The history of Lidong Lidong is the 19th of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar. Its determination is based on the sun reaching 225 degrees of the Yellow meridian. The beginning of winter is not only a time for harvest sacrifice and harvest banquet, but also a season of cold wind. There are "October new moon", "Qin Sui Shou", "Hanyi Festival", "Harvest Festival" and other customary activities. At this time, in the north, it is the Mengdong month of "water freezes and the earth begins to freeze", but in the south, it is a little sunny spring. The beginning of winter is a big festival in October. During the Han and Wei dynasties, the son of heaven should personally lead his ministers to welcome the winter atmosphere, commend and compensate the martyrs who died for the country and their families, ask the dead to protect the living creatures, and encourage the people to resist the plundering and invasion of foreign enemies or evil bandits. There are customs such as ancestor worship, banquet and divination of the year in Chinese folk, offering sacrifices to the ancestors with seasonal delicacies, In order to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities as children and grandchildren, they pray that God will give them a good year in the coming year, and the farmers themselves will also be rewarded for drinking and rest.

2021年立冬是什么时候几月几日 11月7日12点58分37秒

Lidong's warm wishes 1. Lidong comes, add clothes and trousers, and put on a woolen hat. Regular life, frequent exercise, prevent colds. Be in a good mood, don't worry and keep cheerful. Happiness is accompanied by health and happiness. Happy Lidong! 2. From the perspective of care, adhere to the principle of care, with an expression of concern, greet you with caring SMS: the key is to pay attention to heat preservation when Lidong arrives. May Lidong be happy! 3. The golden autumn is golden in October, the autumn wind is cool, the sky is cooler, the leaves are flying, and the winter solstice is established. Adding clothes and protection is healthy. The temperature difference between day and night changes greatly. Remember to bring clothes when you go out. The four seasons are safe and blessed, and you are happy every day. 4. At the beginning of winter, the cold air drops from the sky. Send you a small cotton padded jacket to warm you and have no trouble in winter. Send you a bowl of red jujube soup to keep you warm and healthy. Send you a lucky fruit to live a happy and happy life. Send you a cup of sweet wine, sweet and happy!

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