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Which day is the heavy snow solar term in 2021? December 7

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

we have entered a cold winter since the beginning of winter solar term, and the heavy snow solar term is also an important solar term in winter. So what day is the heavy snow solar term in 2021? What time is the heavy snow solar term in 2021? Let's understand and analyze together with the old yellow calendar!

2021年大雪节气是哪一天 12月7日

which day is the heavy snow solar term in 2021? Solar calendar time: December 7, 2021, 5:56:55 lunar calendar date: the fourth day of the winter month (big), Tuesday start time: December 7, 2021, 05:56 end time: December 21, 2021, 23:59

Li Lei fights clouds like an umbrella, and the great sage wants to return. Qionglou looked up and waited for the crystal house. I still smell the fragrance of flat peaches and don't feel like entering Yaotai. Is it a jade emperor banquet? I have true feelings. Full of mountains and rivers, good fortune turns the old dust. In a new world, freedom is more comfortable.

heavy snow (zuohe River) ten thousand mountains are bleak, and the branches of trees are hissing around. Snow wants to chant, wear branches and sweep the yard to play plum blossoms.

heavy snow (Lu You) heavy snow has never been seen in the south of the Yangtze River. It is Yan Ning this year. Skillfully wear the curtain, like looking for each other, which weighs heavily on the forest tops. Felt strategies throw Lu forget to sleep at night, and Jin Ji immediately fears the morning. In this life, I laugh at my late fame and dream that the Yellow River is completely frozen.

snow on the river (Liu Zongyuan) thousands of birds fly away and thousands of people disappear. A lone boat, a coir hat and an old man, fishing alone for the snow in the cold river.

snow at night (Bai Juyi) is surprised that the pillow is cold and the window is bright again. The snow is heavy at night, and the sound of bamboo folding is heard.

2021年大雪节气是哪一天 12月7日

white snow song sends judge Wu back to Beijing (CEN Shen). The north wind rolls the ground and the white grass breaks, and the snow flies in August. Suddenly, like the spring breeze of the night, thousands of pear trees bloom. Scattered into the bead curtain, wet Luo curtain, fox fur is not warm, and brocade quilt is thin. The general's horn bow can't be controlled. It's hard to protect the iron clothes. The vast sea is dry and frozen, and the melancholy clouds condense for thousands of miles. The Chinese Army bought wine and returned home, Hu Qin, Pipa and Qiang flute. One after another, it snowed at dusk, and the wind pulled the red flag, which could not be turned over. Take you to the east gate of Luntai. It snows all over the mountain road when you go. You can't see you in the mountain circuit, and there are horses over the snow.

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