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Overview of the origin of the snow festival folk activities on December 7, 2021

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heavy snow is the solar term in winter in China, and with the passage of time, heavy snow solar term has also formed many cultures. What is the folk activity of heavy snow on December 7, 2021? What is the origin of solar term heavy snow? Let's learn about this with the old yellow calendar!


on December 7, 2021, the solar term heavy snow folk custom activity 1. Pickled meat there is a saying in old Nanjing, which is called light snow pickle and heavy snow pickled meat. As soon as the snow season comes, every family is busy pickling salty goods to welcome the new year.

2. Watch the natural landscape of thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow in the north of the river closure, and the charming pictures of snowflakes flying and silver all over the sky in the south. In the snow season, the ice in the river is frozen, and people can skate and play.

3. Tonic snow is a good time for tonic. It is known as tonic in winter and fighting tigers in spring. Tonic in winter can improve the immune function of the human body, promote metabolism and improve the fear of cold.

solar term overview of the origin of heavy snow solar term, the sun yellow longitude reaches 255 degrees. Heavy snow, as the name suggests, heavy snow. The ancients said, "the big one is prosperous, and the snow is prosperous at this point.". At this time, snow often falls in a large and wide range. At this time, the lowest temperature in most parts of China dropped to 0 ℃ or below. Heavy snow or even Blizzard often falls in areas where cold and warm air meet in front of strong cold air. It can be seen that the heavy snow solar term indicates the starting time and degree of heavy snow in this period. Like light snow, rain, grain rain and other solar terms, it is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation.


the heavy snow season is divided into three periods: "first, the babbler does not sing; second, the tiger begins to pay; third, the litchi sticks out." it means that at this time, due to the cold weather, the cold horn birds no longer sing; This is the peak period of Yin Qi. The so-called prosperity and decline, Yang Qi has sprouted, and the tiger began to courtship; "Liting" is a kind of orchid. It feels the sprouting of Yang and draws out new buds. It is often said that "auspicious snow heralds a good year". Snow covers the earth in severe winter, keeping the temperature on the ground and around the crops from falling very low due to the invasion of cold current. Winter crops create a good overwintering environment. When the snow melts, it increases the soil moisture content for the needs of crop growth in spring. The content of nitride in snow water is 5 times that of ordinary rain water, which has a certain effect on fertilizing the field. There is a proverb that "wheat is covered with three layers this year and sleep on steamed bread next year".

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