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December 30, 2020 to January 7, 2021

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count of nine days is composed of nine nine days, which is the coldest period of the year. The count of nine days starts from the winter solstice. What is the time of February 9th in 2021? When did the February 9, 2021 start? Let's understand and analyze it together with the old yellow calendar!

2021年二九时间 2020年12月30日至2021年1月7日

February 9, 2021 time: December 30, 2020 - January 7, 2021 first day: December 30, 2020 second day: December 31, 2020 third day: January 1, 2021 fourth day: January 2, 2021 fifth day: January 3, 2021 sixth day: January 4, 2021 seventh day: January 5, 2021 eighth day: January 6, 2021 second day Nine days: on January 7, 2021,


the ninth winter solstice, Wang Xiang undressed and lay on the cold ice; Filial piety moved the good fish to offer, and took it home to serve his mother. On September 29, snowflakes flew all over the sky, and Meng Haoran froze to death looking for plum; Han Yu pursued Changli County, but Xue Yong stopped Guan ma. Thirty nine days were cold and clear, and Tang Monk went to the west to learn scriptures; The walker, monk Sha and pig Bajie, and the four teachers and disciples move forward. Forty nine frontier guards said Dongyang, the remnant Tang and Five Dynasties moved swords and guns; Zhuwen III Jinluan hall, five dragons and two tigers capture Yanzhang. The May Ninth Festival turned out to be a great cold. Empress Zhaojun made a fan; The pipa hung on the saddle and cried until Yanmen closed. On the head of 69 is the beginning of spring, red cliff fierce soldiers burn with fire; Zhuge three Qi, Zhou Yu died and Cao Cao's millions of soldiers were burned.

2021年二九时间 2020年12月30日至2021年1月7日

Qijiu river has a long stream of boiling water, and the emperor of Song Dynasty visited Wutai; Renmei plans to kill the Yang family, and Qilang Bahu rushes into Youzhou. Eight or nine wild geese fly from south to north when they meet Confucius crying; Seventy two virtuous students said, there are three thousand disciples who don't know. On September 9, the spring breeze was strong, and every family ploughed cattle everywhere; All grains and cereals should be planted to enjoy peace in good weather.

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