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When is March 9, 2021 from January 8, 2021 to January 16, 2021

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is divided into nine nine days when counting nine, and each nine days has different changes. The coldest time is three or nine days. So when is three or nine days in 2021? What should we pay attention to? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2021年三九是什么时候 2021年1月8日至2021年1月16日

March 9, 2021 time: January 8, 2021 - January 16, 2021 first day: January 8, 2021 second day: January 9, 2021 third day: January 10, 2021 fourth day: January 11, 2021 fifth day: January 12, 2021 sixth day: January 13, 2021 seventh day: January 14, 2021 eighth day: January 15, 2021 second day Nine days: matters needing attention in the three or nine days of


on January 16, 2021 1 1. Mental health should be peaceful. In winter, the dormant insects in nature hide and use the hibernation state to recuperate and prepare for the vitality of the next spring. At this time, the metabolism of the human body is also in a relatively slow period. Therefore, health preservation in winter should focus on "Tibet".


2. Daily health care focuses on cold prevention. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that after winter, "lying early and getting up late for the sun" is an important aspect of health care.

2021年三九是什么时候 2021年1月8日至2021年1月16日

3. The room temperature should be kept constant. If the room temperature is too low and people feel cold, it is easy to hurt the Yuanyang of the human body. If the temperature is too high, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and it is easy to feel wind cold when going out.

4. Pay attention to back maintenance. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the back is the main part of the solar Bladder Meridian in the human meridian. The foot Taiyang bladder meridian has the function of defending against the invasion of external pathogens.

5. Pay attention to keeping feet warm and "cold starts from the foot". The foot is the farthest end of the human body, with thin fat and poor heat preservation ability.

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