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What festival is the ancient poem about the autumnal equinox established

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is an ancient solar term at the autumnal equinox in China, and people also set the autumnal equinox as a festival. What is the ancient poem about the autumnal equinox? What festival is the autumnal equinox established? Let's learn about the equinox solar term with the old yellow calendar!

关于秋分的古诗 设立成什么节日

an ancient poem about the autumnal equinox. In the late sunny Tang Dynasty, Du Fu's reflection is oblique and penetrating, and the floating clouds are thin. Jiang Hongming drinks far away, and the rain falls in the gorge. The wild goose finally goes high, and the bear feels fat. The autumnal equinox guests are still there, and the bamboo dew is slightly in the evening.

night hi Helan San's visit to Tang Jiadao, the clock is still light at night, and the season is about the autumn equinox. The spring is noisy, the pine and crane perch, and the wind removes the clouds on the moon. Walking on moss leads to happiness and lying on stones. That is, this ordinary quiet, come more and more is the king.


the second rhyme I wrote on the autumnal equinox. Song · Liu Yizhi, the Mid Autumn Festival in the mountain is half past, and pengbi and Yan Fangkai. If you don't listen to the night insects, how can you know that the festival will come. The purple pearl is still lying on the ear, and the green pistil is not floating in the cup. If you want to shoot the book geese, you must cook them.


the autumnal equinox on August 15 is the day and society. Song Liu's autumnal equinox is the moon and a half. I hope my soul returns to the night. It's a rare good time to be together, but I still want to be together. The high-rise building is connected with divination night, and turbid wine is used to treat deafness. Note: if you want to take a ride, how can you hit the earth Weng.


after the autumnal equinox, song Luyou feels sad and cold. It's early autumn this year, and the trees don't wait for yellow. Crickets should be in the sky, and they are suddenly close to my bed. If I am old, I should die, and I am small as if I were wandering. Is there not a bottle of wine, but also a book beside it. Drinking and reading ancient books, I think of Huang Tang with emotion. Mao is crazy, who can anoint blind.

huaipan Yuwu song · Chen Yunping, Luoyang just solved the Pei, passing the eye and suddenly the autumnal equinox. There is a bright moon all over the world and white clouds all over the mountains. Wild goose smoke mists the dawn tree, insect dew moistens the parsley. Full of Acacia words, the wind wants to send you.

关于秋分的古诗 设立成什么节日

why the autumn equinox is established: the Chinese farmers harvest festival, the Chinese farmers harvest festival, was established in 2018 (Guo Han [2018] No. 80), and the festival time is the annual "autumn equinox". The establishment of the "Chinese farmers harvest festival" will greatly mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of hundreds of millions of farmers and enhance their sense of honor, happiness and gain. Holding the "Chinese farmers harvest festival" can show the great achievements of rural reform and development.

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