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Is it winter after the twenty-four solar terms frost? What fruit to eat

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will usher in the last solar term of autumn after the autumnal equinox, and the weather is gradually cold when the frost falls. Is it winter after the frost of the twenty-four solar terms? What fruit to eat when frost falls? Let's get to know the old yellow calendar together!

二十四节气霜降之后是冬天了吗 吃什么水果好呢

is winter after the frost of the 24 solar terms: it is about to enter winter. In ancient China, it was customary to take the beginning of winter as the beginning of winter. "The collection of 72 signs of the lunar order" said: "the beginning is the beginning of the construction", and also said: "winter is the end, and all things are collected." in fact, China has a vast territory, With the exception of the coastal areas of South China where there is no winter throughout the year and the Qinghai Tibet plateau where there is no summer in winter, winter does not start at the same time. According to the four seasons standard of climatology, it is winter when the average temperature drops below 10 ℃ in the second half of the year, so the saying that "the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter" is basically consistent with the climate law of Huang Huai Region in China. The northernmost Mohe River and the area north of Daxinganling have entered winter as early as early as early September. The capital Beijing has also seen a winter scene in late October, and the winter in the Yangtze River Basin does not really begin until before and after the "light snow" solar term.

what fruit does frost eat? 1. What fruit does frost eat: grapes after frost will eat better! In order to protect themselves, some fruits and vegetables are afraid that the cell fluid will be frozen due to the cold weather, resulting in "freezing injury", which will turn their starch into glucose and dissolve it in the cell fluid. Because the cell fluid increases sugar, it is not easy to be frozen. So frost grapes are very sweet. Grapes are flat. Replenish the Qi of the five zang organs, enhance people's willpower, treat water between intestines, and reconcile the spleen and stomach.

2. What fruit to eat in Frost: water chestnut, also known as horseshoe, has the reputation of "underground Sydney". Water chestnut is sweet and cold in nature. It has the effects of clearing lung and throat, removing dampness and removing phlegm. It has a certain effect on preventing autumn dry cough, throat discomfort, dry mouth and desire to drink. It is better to drink with lotus root juice. In addition to eating raw, you can also cook, fry, burn and simmer. However, water chestnut is not easy to digest. People with deficiency of cold in spleen and stomach, poor digestive function, children and the elderly should not eat more.

二十四节气霜降之后是冬天了吗 吃什么水果好呢

3. What fruit to eat in Frost: autumn pears are a good choice in frost season. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pears, known as the best of all fruits, are slightly cold in nature and sweet in taste. They can produce saliva and quench thirst, moisten dryness and phlegm, moisten intestines and defecate. If you can insist on eating one or two pears every day in autumn, it will not only have a unique function for autumn dryness, but also clear away heat and calm the mind. It will certainly be helpful in the treatment of hypertension, insomnia and dreaminess.

4. What fruit to eat in Frost: persimmons. The best maturity period of persimmons is before and after frost. Persimmons in this season are large, thin skinned and sweet, which can be described as "in full bloom". Therefore, as the saying goes, "pick persimmons when frost falls and hit soft dates at the beginning of winter", "hard persimmons become soft persimmons when frost falls".

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