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What is the saying of solar term Lidong? Why do you eat Ciba

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beginning of winter is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China, and there are some legends among the people at the beginning of winter. What is the term beginning of winter? Why does Lidong eat Ciba? Let's get to know the old yellow calendar together!

节气立冬的说法是什么 吃糍粑的原因

what is the solar term for the beginning of winter: it means that winter begins, the beginning, the end and the collection of all things. The beginning of winter means that everything collects and avoids the cold at the beginning of winter. The beginning of winter, the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer and the beginning of autumn are collectively called four Li, which is an important festival in ancient society. On this day, the emperor will lead all civil and military officials to set up altars in the northern suburbs of the capital. For the understanding of "beginning of winter", we can't just stay in the meaning of the beginning of winter. Tracing back to the source, the ancients' understanding of "Li" is the same as that of modern people, which means to establish and start. In ancient China, the beginning of winter was divided into three seasons: "first, the water began to ice; second, the ground began to freeze; third, the pheasant entered the flood as a mirage." this solar term water can become ice; Land also began to freeze; After the beginning of winter, big birds such as pheasants are rare.

节气立冬的说法是什么 吃糍粑的原因

the reason for eating Ciba at the beginning of winter is in Zhangzhou, Fujian. At the beginning of winter, farmers usually make a snack called "Jiaodong Ci". This snack is made of glutinous rice. After soaking, it is steamed in a steamer, and then quickly pounded in a stone ladle until the cotton becomes soft and flexible. Finally, make the rice paste into various shapes while it is hot, put it in sesame, soybeans or peanuts, stir fry the fragrant grinding powder and mix with white granulated sugar (roll in the plate and you can get food. Zhangzhou people use this snack to worship gods and ancestors and celebrate the harvest of crops. In Shaxian County, the hometown of snacks, rural people will beat Ciba and make board duck on this day in the beginning of winter. Ciba is to put the boiled glutinous rice into a stone mortar and hammer it back, rub it into a ball and stick it to the bean flour with white sugar. It is very sweet. In the beginning of winter, Chung glutinous rice cake is to celebrate the harvest and pray for a better life in the coming year.

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