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Is the 2020 winter solstice the beginning of 19? Is paper burning at noon or at night

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winter solstice is the 22nd of the 24 solar terms, and the winter solstice is also an important festival, and the winter solstice is close to nine days. Is the 2020 winter solstice the beginning of 19? Is the winter solstice paper burning at noon or at night? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020冬至是一九的开始吗 烧纸是中午还是晚上

is the 2020 winter solstice the beginning of 19: Yes, the first day of counting nine every year starts from the winter solstice, and every nine days is a "Nine". The first nine days are called "19", and the winter solstice is the first day of "19". The second nine days is called "two nine". By analogy, there are nine "nines" in total. After 81 days in 1999, "nine peach blossoms bloom", and the weather will be warm.

winter solstice paper burning at noon or at night: This is a way to miss our ancestors. As long as we have a heart, time is not a problem. You can burn it after noon. Local customs are different, and the time will be different; As long as you feel it, everything will arrive. They will feel it. Paper money is usually burned for the dead. On Tomb Sweeping Day, the Chinese New Year's day, or other memorial days of the dead, people always burn paper money for their dead relatives. People believe that paper money is the money of the dead in another world. Burn more paper money and the dead will have money to use in that world. In fact, it is a kind of mourning for the dead.

2020冬至是一九的开始吗 烧纸是中午还是晚上

winter solstice blessing 1. I would like to send you a bunch of fragrant roses to give you the beauty of the season; I want to send you a simple greeting to warm you all winter. Quiet night, I am a star, waiting for your window lattice; Bright, I am a ray of sunshine, warm your heart; The winter solstice is coming. I'm a dumpling. It goes into your stomach. 2. When the winter solstice comes, it is colder and office workers wear warm clothes; Drive the car, abide by the traffic regulations, drive slowly, and the civil air defense; It's safe to walk all the way, and walk slowly at the three fork road; Ping Shun goes home to make dumplings, and the whole family likes to have a Dumpling Banquet; May the winter solstice be safe and happy. 3. The winter solstice, the longest night, may your life be beautiful; Winter solstice comes, send care, wish your health in; On the winter solstice, pass on love. I wish you warmth, comfort and good luck throughout the winter.

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