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2020 frost term is the reason for eating persimmons in autumn or winter

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will usher in the frost term after the cold dew term in China, and many people are not very clear about this term. So is the frost term in 2020 autumn or winter? What is the reason for eating persimmons? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020霜降节气是秋季还是冬季 吃柿子的原因

whether the frost term in 2020 is autumn or winter: the frost term in autumn is the last term in autumn, and it will enter winter after the frost term.


the reasons for eating persimmons: eating frozen persimmons to keep warm and keep out the cold. In the heavy persimmon red season, after the persimmon leaves fall, the persimmons are full of fruit and hung with frost. If the lanterns are full of branches, it is for display and display. Persimmon was called Ganqing Yulu by Emperor Jian Wendi. It tastes like heavy gold liquid, but it needs to be affected by other fruits to relieve astringency. The process of dyeing is trading, easy to change, and more important. In the Han Dynasty, the shape of gold coins was consistent with that of persimmon. This kind of gold was called 'persimmon gold', which was a trading tool. The relationship between persimmon and the city is roughly the same. The custom of eating red persimmons in frost season is popular in many places. It is believed that this can not only keep warm, but also strengthen muscles and bones. In some places, the explanation is that eating pancakes on the day of frost can prevent lips from cracking in winter. Some places even have the saying that "eating frozen persimmons in frost will not runny nose".

2020霜降节气是秋季还是冬季 吃柿子的原因

frost falling solar terms warm blessings early in the morning and late in the autumn, the wind is cold, and the morning dew condenses into morning frost. The cold wind rises suddenly and the temperature drops. Wear more clothes and don't catch cold. Sincere concern is accompanied by deep thoughts, and detailed greetings reveal sincere blessings. I wish you a happy frost season! The cold wind blows through my heart, and the cold rain knocks on the window to make me think. The frost is shallow, and I am deeply concerned. My deep affection is fermenting. I really greet and warm my heart. My friend, the frost has fallen. I wish you to add clothes in time and be safe all the time! Take care of everything. Long live friendship! Weave blessings into a pair of warm gloves, cut happiness into a warm coat, and write words into a warm scarf to warm you. The frost has fallen. May you be happy and add clothes in time! The weather is getting cold, dew and frost, insects and insects are hidden, and plants and trees are yellow. The frost has come. We should do a good job in the alternation of seasons! How can I have less greetings for nourishing the stomach and blood gas, adding clothes in cold weather, eating well, dressing well and exercising well? Frost has fallen, take care of your friends!

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