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What are the three frost seasons in 2020? What are the flowers in the three seasons

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frost fall is the last of the 24 solar terms in autumn in China, and it will enter a cold winter after frost fall. What are the three frost fall seasons in 2020? What are the flowers of the twenty-four solar terms frost? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年霜降三候是哪三候 有什么花

what are the three periods of frost in 2020? The jackal is a sacrifice to animals. "Jackal is a sacrifice to animals" first appeared in Yizhou book: "jackal is a sacrifice to animals on the day of frost". Also said: "jackals do not sacrifice animals, bad claws and teeth". It means that in this solar term, jackals begin to capture prey and offer sacrifices to animals with what they hunt first, sacrifice to heaven with animals to repay this, and sacrifice to autumn gold with Fangpu. Like the harvest of the new Valley on earth, it is used to worship the heaven and show return, and to pray for good weather in the coming year. It is the righteousness of animals and the foundation of man.


wait for the Yellow vegetation, paraquat in autumn, frost and butterflies flying. In autumn, the westerly wind blows down the leaves and withers the grass. The gradually cold climate has devastated all the vitality of nature again and again. The emerald fades and the red disappears, and the wild goose shadow disappears. And people's emotions have also entered a deep trough. The sorrow of parting, the bitterness of wind and rain, all show the sadness of late autumn and touch the hearts of the people.


three waiting stingers are salty and prone. All the stingers are still in the cave, do not eat, and drop their heads to enter the hibernation state. At this time, nature is a silent beauty. After a vibrant spring, a lively summer, a festive autumn and a cycle of life, it has entered a state of dormancy. Bees and butterflies disappear and sting insects are silent. They are all ready for a long winter. That is to look forward to the new life in the coming year in the attitude of practice.

2020年霜降三候是哪三候 有什么花

in the 24 solar terms of frost, Osmanthus fragrans say that Osmanthus fragrans fragrance in October. Osmanthus fragrans bloom in October. Osmanthus fragrans integrates greening, beautification and fragrance. It is one of the top ten traditional flowers in China. Osmanthus fragrans can be separated from dust and can be concentrated far away, which can be called a unique flower.

chrysanthemums usually bloom from September to November. Chrysanthemum is one of the four gentlemen and one of the four largest cut flowers in the world (chrysanthemum, rose, carnation and Gladiolus). Chrysanthemum is the owner of autumn.

morning glory morning glory blooms from June to October every year. There are many kinds of morning glory with complex colors. In addition to being ornamental, the seeds are also commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, known as "two ugly"

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