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At the autumnal equinox, the thunder began to close. What does it mean that the Yin Qi is strong and there is no more thunder

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Lei Shi Shousheng is one third of the autumnal equinox in China's 24 solar terms, and the autumnal equinox is the 16th of the 24 solar terms. Generally, the weather turns cold in southern China at the beginning of autumn. What does Lei Shi Shousheng mean at one third of the autumnal equinox? Let's take a look at the old yellow calendar's view on this.

秋分一候雷始收声指什么 阴气旺盛 不再打雷

what does it mean when the thunder begins to stop at the autumnal equinox? The "thunder begins to stop" means that the Yang Qi turns to Yin Qi after the autumnal equinox, so the thunder will no longer appear, because Chinese people believe that the thunder starts when the Yang Qi is at its peak in February and ends when the Yin Qi rises in August. The thunder will no longer thunder because of the Yang Qi.

Autumn equinox greetings to friends 1. When the autumn wind comes and the temperature drops, my concern for you has always been in my heart. The autumn rain makes a sound and brings my greetings. I just hope you can be healthy. 2. The scenery in autumn is beautiful, the autumn is high and crisp, the autumn flowers are fragrant, the autumn rain is numerous, the beauty is pouring into the world, unlimited happiness, wandering, and I wish you a happy life. 3. Friends, autumn I hope the autumn wind can sort out your troubled mood, and beauty is always with you; may the autumn rain moisten your lonely heart and make your mood more wandering and bright. I must take good care of myself when I'm not around you.

秋分一候雷始收声指什么 阴气旺盛 不再打雷

4. The autumn wind brings my blessing, the autumn leaves are yellow, my thoughts are yellow, the autumn rain carries my greetings, the autumn flowers are scattered, the autumn leaves are scattered in the autumn season, and every care and greeting is around you. In the autumn equinox season, may you be more beautiful than the flowers and your heart be like a sunny sky! 5. Leave in the twinkling of an eye in summer, and I am still far away from you. The autumn equinox and the autumn equinox are beautiful Enter your heart. When the autumnal equinox comes, may you enjoy the beauty of the autumnal equinox, be happy and happy forever. I wish you a happy autumnal equinox! 6. The autumn wind is cool, the body and mind are comfortable; the autumn rain is continuous, moistening your heart; the autumn scenery is beautiful, the feelings are deep, the autumn fruits are rich in the earth, the autumn wind and autumn rain miss you for a long time, and I wish you a happy autumnal equinox!

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