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What does it mean that insects return to the earth for the winter

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the autumnal equinox of the 24 solar terms in China has the saying that the autumnal equinox has three waiting periods, among which the dormant insect cultivation household is one of the three waiting periods. At the beginning of the autumnal equinox, we have to be busy with autumn harvest, autumn tillage and autumn planting. Therefore, we will be particularly busy, but it is also a good time for harvest. So what does Peihu, as one third of the autumnal equinox, mean? Next, let's learn what the old yellow calendar says.

秋分二候蛰虫坯户是什么意思 虫回土里过冬

what does it mean when the autumnal equinox comes, it means that winter is not far away. Therefore, many animals have to start preparing for winter. There are records about dormant households in the book of rites, "dormant households"

means that in order to avoid the cold of autumn, the insect will hide itself in a small hole and seal the hole with fine soil Climate characteristics of the autumnal equinox 1. When the autumnal equinox, it means that most parts of China have entered autumn. When the cold air and warm and wet air meet in the south, precipitation will occur, and the temperature will drop day by day. The temperature will drop quickly and low. At this time, people will feel that the weather has become cold and gradually enter the late autumn season. The situation in the southern hemisphere is just the opposite. Moreover, due to the cooling Due to the characteristics of fast harvest, people should complete the harvest as soon as possible and sow the winter crops as soon as possible, otherwise the drought and little rain or continuous cloudy rain in the autumn equinox will affect the harvest and cause adverse effects.

秋分二候蛰虫坯户是什么意思 虫回土里过冬

2. As the position of direct sunlight continues to move slowly from the equator to the southern hemisphere, the phenomenon of short days and long nights in the northern hemisphere has become more and more obvious. Therefore, the day will gradually shorten and the night will gradually lengthen. This phenomenon will become more and more obvious in late autumn. Therefore, pay attention to go home early and pay more attention to safety on the way. 3. When you enter the autumn equinox, you will find the temperature of day and night The difference gradually increases, and the range will be higher than 10 ℃. At this time, we must pay attention to the temperature difference in the morning and evening, keep warm, be careful of getting sick and cold, and it is best to bring a spare dress at any time.

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