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What does it mean that the water dries up and the air dries up

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autumnal equinox is divided into three periods, of which the beginning of water drying is one of the three periods of autumnal equinox. When the autumnal equinox is approaching, most parts of China have entered autumn, and the weather is gradually getting cooler. The ancient book "book of Rites" has a relevant explanation about the beginning of water drying up. So what does it mean that water begins to dry up as one third of the autumnal equinox? How does the old yellow calendar explain this? Let's take a look at the relevant contents.

秋分三候水始涸什么意思 水气干涸 空气干燥

what does it mean when the autumnal equinox comes, the precipitation gradually decreases, and the water vapor begins to evaporate. At this time, the rain is no longer as abundant as in summer, the water of lakes and rivers gradually begins to dry up, and the air becomes drier and drier. Therefore, we often feel dry mouth, which is the beginning of water drying up.


how to prevent autumn fatigue 1. It is very important to ensure adequate sleep. It is best to form the habit of taking a nap and sleep for half an hour at noon every day. It should not be too long. 2. Choose tea drinks with mild tea properties, such as Pu'er, which plays a role in generating fluid and moistening fluid and can alleviate the dryness brought by autumn. 3. Try to eat less greasy food. You can choose a variety of fruits to ensure rich and sufficient nutrition and help people eliminate fatigue. 4. You can often do some stretching actions, such as stretching. You can stretch from time to time, which can enhance oxygen supply and promote circulation.

秋分三候水始涸什么意思 水气干涸 空气干燥

5. An appropriate amount of sunlight can improve people's depressed mood, because sunlight can effectively inhibit the secretion of melatonin and mobilize emotions. 6. Exercise properly and do some aerobic exercise can enhance your resistance, but you should pay attention to step by step in order to be more effective. 7. Some plants can be raised indoors to help absorb carbon dioxide and other waste gases in the air, so as to ensure that the human body will not suffer from hypoxia. 8. Remember not to eat too full for lunch. You can eat some pure chocolate or some nuts during afternoon tea to replenish your energy in time.

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