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What are the three syndromes of 24 solar terms cold dew and what are the characteristics

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cold dew is one of the 24 solar terms in China, which belongs to autumn, and it also has its own characteristics. What are the three syndromes of 24 solar terms cold dew? What are the characteristics of cold dew? Let's analyze it together with the old yellow calendar!

24节气寒露的三候分别是什么 所指的特点是什么

what are the three seasons of 24 solar terms cold dew? At the beginning, Hongyan guests. Guest, guest. The first one is the Lord, and the last one is the guest. It is called "cover will do everything". Wild geese come first in mid autumn, and those who come after autumn are guests. Tong Shu is written to come to the shore, shore and water. Yitong. Second, when the bird enters the flood, it becomes a clam. There are different kinds of finches and birds. This is yellow finch. Big water, sea also. Mandarin larks become clams when they enter the sea. The cold wind is serious. They often become clams when they enter the sea. The flying object is converted into a potential object. Clams belong to this small one. Three times, chrysanthemums have yellow flowers. Plants and trees are all Chinese in the Yang, while chrysanthemums are Chinese in the Yin. Therefore, it is said that the flowers of peach trees do not speak color, but chrysanthemums speak only. Its color is just in season and autumn.

24节气寒露的三候分别是什么 所指的特点是什么

what are the characteristics of cold dew? The temperature of cold dew solar term decreases gradually. The three solar terms of White Dew, cold dew and frost all represent the phenomenon of water vapor condensation, and cold dew is the transition of climate from cool to cold. This season, the temperature in most parts of southern China continued to drop. The daily average temperature in South China is less than 20 ℃, even in the coastal areas of the Yangtze River, it is difficult for the temperature to rise above 30 ℃, while the minimum temperature can fall below 10 ℃. Except for a few Valley lowlands in the Northwest Plateau, the average temperature of climate (5 days) is generally lower than 10 ℃. Measured by the standard of climatology to divide the four seasons, it is winter. Qianli frost shop is very different from autumn in South China.

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