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What is the meaning of frost in the 24 solar terms

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frost fall is the solar term after the cold dew solar term. During the cold dew, the weather gradually changes from hot to cool. What is the meaning of frost fall in the 24 solar terms? What are the important matters of frost term? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

24节气霜降所意味的意义是什么 节气讲究事项

what does the 24 solar terms frost mean: the temperature drops and gets colder and colder. The frost term means that the weather is getting colder and begins to fall. In the southern region with south latitude, the average temperature is mostly about 16 ℃, and there are three solar terms before the first frost date. In the southern valley of South China, frost can only be seen in the middle of winter. Of course, even in places with the same latitude, due to different altitude and terrain, the temperature and humidity of the air near the stratum are different, and the initial frost period and frost days are different. In the frost season, the cool autumn wind has blown to the flower city of Guangzhou. The average temperature in the north of Northeast China, Eastern Inner Mongolia and most of Northwest China has been below 0 ℃. "In September, the air is cold and condensed, and the dew turns into frost." before and after October 23 of the Gregorian calendar, frost falls when the sun reaches 210 degrees of the Yellow meridian. At this time, white frost has appeared in the Yellow River Basin of China. On the thousands of miles of fertile fields, a silver ice crystal is shining. At this time, the leaves are withered and yellow and the leaves are colorful.

24节气霜降所意味的意义是什么 节气讲究事项

frost reduction solar terms pay attention to matters to prevent autumn dryness and autumn air dryness. If you don't pay attention to health care at this time, dryness evil will damage human body fluid. Its symptoms are dry lips, dry nose, dry mouth, dry throat, dry tongue, dry stool, dry skin, and even chapped

Health experts on the prevention of dampness evil pointed out that after entering the frost solar term, we should prevent the harm of dampness evil to the body.


to prevent autumn depression and frost, the grass began to wither and yellow, the leaves began to fall, and the wind and rain were miserable. At this time, people will become worried because of seasonal changes. If they are not properly adjusted, it is very easy to induce depression, and there will be bad emotions such as depression, depression and unhappiness.

pay attention to the appropriate temperature and humidity in the temperature difference room. If the room temperature is too high, you will feel bored and tired. If the room temperature is too low, the muscles are tense, timid and unwilling to move.

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