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What is the general temperature of the traditional folk custom of frost falling in the twenty-four solar terms

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has 24 solar terms in China, and the frost term is the last solar term in autumn. There are also many customs and activities in the frost term. What are the folk traditional customs of frost in the 24 solar terms, huh? What is the general temperature of frost? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

二十四节气霜降的民间传统习俗 一般温度是多少度

is a folk traditional custom of frost falling in the twenty-four solar terms. When maple is invaded by frost, its leaves are red, bright and beautiful. The ancients once had a poem "frost leaves are red in February flowers". In China, such as Tianping mountain in Suzhou and Qixia mountain in Nanjing, they are famous for the beautiful scenery of maple leaves. At sunset, the red leaves are staggered. Looking into the distance, it looks like a sea of coral fire, which is very spectacular.

sheep's milk, mutton and wool can be eaten or used. A good breed of milk sheep can produce a large amount of milk and can be called a poor dairy cow. In China, such as the eldest son of Shanxi Province, shepherds usually kill sheep to compete with God in autumn, wish the expansion of sheep in the coming year, and distribute sacrifices to the people. If there are no sheep in poverty, steamed flour cake can be made into the shape of sheep instead.


fighting quails after frost, which are very popular in both north and south. "Beijing Suihua Ji" says that people in the North fight quails after frost, and people cage quails in their sleeves, just like holding treasures. Most of the South fight quails at night. Elegant people make flat bottom bags with colorful threads and put quails in their sleeves with leather gloves as a pastime. Cai tieweng in the Qing Dynasty wrote a poem: "fight against thin cranes in the hard frost."

during bullfighting, men and women from far and near all dressed up and gathered to watch the battle. On this day, the people of the two villages, blowing bronze trumpets, playing reed flute, setting off iron guns, holding umbrellas and flags, surrounded by bullfighting, entered the duel field. The ceremony was very solemn.

二十四节气霜降的民间传统习俗 一般温度是多少度

what is the general temperature of frost drop: the average temperature is 10 ℃ ~ 20 ℃. Lu you wrote "withered grass, frost and white, cold window and new shadow of the moon" in frost moon, indicating that the cold frost occurs on a sunny moon night in autumn. There are no clouds in the autumn evening. The ground is like a quilt, which dissipates a lot of heat. The temperature suddenly drops below 0 ℃. The little water vapor on the ground will condense on the streams, bridges, leaves and soil to form fine ice needles, and some will become hexagonal frost flowers. Frost can only be formed on sunny days. People say that "thick frost fierce sun" is this truth. The frost term means that the weather is getting colder and begins to frost. In the southern region with south latitude, the average temperature is mostly about 16 ℃, and there are three solar terms before the first frost date. In the southern valley of South China, frost can only be seen in the middle of winter. Of course, even in places with the same latitude, due to different altitude and terrain, the temperature and humidity of the air near the stratum are different, and the initial frost period and frost days are different. In the frost season, the cool autumn wind has blown to the flower city of Guangzhou. The average temperature in the north of Northeast China, Eastern Inner Mongolia and most of Northwest China has been below 0 ℃.

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