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What do you need to pay attention to in keeping in good health

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frost fall in China belongs to the solar term in autumn, and the weather is gradually cold during the frost fall solar term, and people begin to add clothes. What should we pay attention to in the frost fall health preservation of the solar term? What is the agricultural proverb of frost falling solar terms? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

节气霜降养生需要注意什么 农谚是什么

what should be paid attention to for frost reduction and health preservation in the solar terms of

? In the frost reduction season, it gradually enters the winter cold, and the joints of the human body are most afraid of getting cold, which is prone to diseases such as low back and leg pain. Therefore, it is necessary to start to strengthen warmth preservation. At this time, you should not expose your knees and pay attention to protecting your feet.


protect the spleen and nourish the stomach. When frost falls, the weather turns cool obviously, which stimulates the gastrointestinal tract to a certain extent, and the secretion of various digestive juices increases, which is the high incidence period of gastrointestinal ulcer. We should pay attention to maintaining healthy eating habits, and pay attention to eating some stomach food appropriately, such as chestnut, peanut, etc.


protect the skin. Before and after frost, the metabolism level of the skin begins to decrease, the secretion of sweat glands decreases, and the moisture content of the skin decreases; In addition, the dry climate, more wind and less rain will lead to the decline of the water holding capacity of the stratum corneum, which is prone to skin dryness, allergy, itching and other discomfort.


supplement the frost drop. There is a folk proverb that "it is better to supplement the frost drop than to supplement the frost drop in a year". Frost is a good time for tonic. The ancients generally ate both mutton and rabbit in autumn. Chestnuts are also a tonic at this time. Frost spreads all over the vegetation, earth and rock, which is commonly known as frost. Vegetables covered with frost, such as spinach and white gourd, taste particularly delicious. Fruits beaten with frost, such as grapes, are very sweet. In late autumn, the weather is getting cooler, and the autumn dryness is obvious, which is easy to hurt the body fluid. In terms of diet, you can eat more food that strengthens the spleen, nourishes Yin and moistens dryness. At this time, the killing scene is also easy to cause people to worry and make people depressed and depressed. Should be appropriate to eat more high protein food, but also appropriate to participate in some beneficial recreational activities.

节气霜降养生需要注意什么 农谚是什么

frost falls. The agricultural proverb is that there is less rain in summer and early frost in autumn. The summer rain is drenched, and the frost period recedes. Autumn rain penetrates the ground, and frost comes late. Autumn geese come early, so does frost. The wind is strong, there is no dew at night, and there is no frost on cloudy days and nights. The frost is heavy tonight and the sun is red tomorrow morning. Frost makes a fine day. On the day of severe frost and poison, fog and dew are good days.

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