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What time is the cold dew in 2020? 3:55 on October 8

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As one of the 24 solar terms in China,

cold dew solar term is generally one of the important solar terms in China when winter is coming in the northeast and northwest, Nanling and North into autumn and the temperature is low. So what are the records of cold dew in 2020 in the old yellow calendar? Can we find the specific date of the cold dew in 2020 in which month, date and time? Let's have a look.

2020年寒露几月几日几点几分 10月08日3点55分

what time is the cold dew day in 2020? According to the content records of cold dew in the 2020 old yellow calendar, it can be known that the cold dew day is at 3:55 on August 22 of the lunar calendar and October 8 of the Gregorian calendar.

Proverbs about cold dew all over the world 1. Cold dew is rainy, and grain in ear is less rainy. (min) it means that if there are many rainy days in the cold dew season, there will be less rain during the grain in ear next year.

2. If the cold dew falls on a rainy day, it will rain in February. (Xiang) this sentence means that if it rains on the dew day, there will be more rain in the first month and February.

3. Cold dew has rain, less rain in winter, no rain in cold dew, and more rain in winter. If there is rain on the day of cold dew, there will not be more rain in winter. On the contrary, if it is sunny on the cold dew day, there will be no less rain in winter.

2020年寒露几月几日几点几分 10月08日3点55分

4. Cold dew and sunny days, and more rain in spring next year (Ji) means that if the weather is sunny during cold dew, there will be more rain next year.

5. Cold dew, rain and wind, clear and sunny wind. (Ji) if the cold dew solar term is windy and rainy, it will be sunny and windy in the Qingming Festival next year.

6. The sentence "cold dew without rain and no frost for a hundred days (Hunan)" means that if it is a fine weather on the cold dew day, the weather will not be very good for the next period of time. It is likely that cloudy and rainy weather will occupy a long time.

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