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The cold dew in 2020 is the first few months of the lunar calendar, and August 22 of the gengzi lunar calendar

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cold dew solar term is the fifth solar term in autumn and the 17th of the 24 solar terms. At this time, there will be a phenomenon of short days and long nights, and the weather will become colder and colder. It can well reflect the changes of seasons, remind people to increase or decrease clothes and pay attention to their health. Then let's take a look at the content related to cold dew in the old yellow calendar. What is the lunar date of cold dew in the 2020 yellow calendar?

2020年寒露是农历几月初几 庚子年农历八月二十二

the cold dew in 2020 is the first day of the lunar month. After looking at the contents of the old yellow calendar related to the cold dew in 2020, we can know that the cold dew in 2020 is the August 22 of the year of gengzi in the Chinese calendar.

agricultural proverbs related to cold dew 1. Everyone is busy in cold dew season, planting wheat, picking flowers and beating beans. I am busy with wheat stubble in the morning and cotton in the afternoon. 2. When the cold dew comes to frost, don't panic when planting wheat; When the frost falls to the beginning of winter, don't relax when planting wheat. 3. After the autumn equinox, when the cold dew arrives, collect tree species as soon as possible. In September, the tree species have matured. Hurry to collect without delay. 4. Cold dew has rain, less rain in winter, no rain in cold dew, and more rain in winter. Cold dew festival to cool weather, the same species of fish to the pond. 5. The bean cold dew makes the sickle hook, and the sweet potato will be harvested until the frost falls. To make the seedlings strong, the cold dew comes to frost.

2020年寒露是农历几月初几 庚子年农历八月二十二

6. It's best not to frost when wheat is supplemented in the morning and wheat is cultivated in the evening. Early autumn equinox, late frost, cold dew planting wheat at the right time. 7. When the cold dew arrives, cut the late rice; When the frost falls, cut the glutinous rice. Cotton is afraid of continuous rain in August, rice is afraid of cold dew and frost. 8. The cold dew and frost fall on the wheat and return to the soil. Cold dew and frost fall, throw it up quickly. Look at the morning wheat before and after the cold dew. 9. Six or seven days before cold dew, use ripening agent and spray cotton quickly. Point the wheat at the cold dew mouth, order a bowl and collect three buckets. 10. Cold dew collects beans and peanuts after the autumn equinox. The beans and dew make the sickle hook, and the sweet potatoes wait until the frost comes. Bean cold dew moves the sickle and hook, riding the frost to collect taro.

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