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What are the taboos of the 24 solar terms winter solstice? Why eat glutinous rice

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has entered winter since the beginning of winter, and the winter solstice is the solar term behind the beginning of winter. When the solar term of winter solstice comes, there will be some things to pay attention to. What are the taboos of the 24 solar term winter solstice? Why eat glutinous rice at the winter solstice? Let's get to know each other with the winter solstice!

24节气冬至有哪些禁忌 为什么要吃糯米饭

what are the taboos of the 24 solar terms winter solstice? 1. Returning to your mother's home during the winter solstice in some cities in northern China think that you can't go back to your mother's home during the winter solstice. This is due to the restriction of the feudal ethics of "three obediences and four virtues" on the daughter-in-law in the over traditional customs. In the past, the daughter-in-law would return to her mother's house after the autumn harvest, so there was the custom of returning to her mother-in-law's house at the winter solstice. Although there is no freedom in modern society if we still have to strictly abide by them, if our family pays special attention to these traditional customs, as the younger generation, we'd better discuss with our family kindly. The winter solstice is a festival of reunion, so we must not lose peace with our family.

2. Marriage in winter solstice is generally not suitable before and after the solar term. The ancients believed that the day before marriage should be avoided, that is, the day before the beginning of spring, summer, autumn, winter and the spring equinox, autumn equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice in the 24 solar terms. The cosmic gas field is in a state of chaos. In traditional customs, it is considered as the four days of extinction and four days of separation. At this time, marriage is unlucky. Usually we choose the auspicious day of marriage more carefully, so Xiaobian suggests that we'd better avoid the winter solstice and choose another day to make the marriage have a satisfactory beginning.

3. In the legend of the winter solstice, you can't go out or go far. Because the white of the winter solstice is the shortest, it is said that this day is when Tiangou comes to the world to look for an avatar, so you can't go far and don't walk around when it's dark. It is also said that when Pangu opened the sky, it was the winter solstice. At this time, because genius had just been opened, all evil had no head, and heaven and earth roamed. However, in today's cities, the lights are bright at night, and people often return home at night for work and study. There is nothing they can do, so they don't need to care too much. Of course, if you can go home again, which can not only prevent the cold at night, but also prevent all kinds of accidents, it must be safer than wandering outside at night.

24节气冬至有哪些禁忌 为什么要吃糯米饭

why eat glutinous rice at the winter solstice in Jiangnan comes from a legend. In China's Jiangnan Water Town, it is a custom for the whole family to get together and eat red bean glutinous rice on the night of the winter solstice. It is said that Gonggong had talented people who committed many evils and died on the day of the winter solstice. After his death, he became a plague ghost. However, this epidemic ghost is most afraid of red beans. Therefore, people cook and eat red bean glutinous rice on the winter solstice to drive away epidemic ghosts and prevent disasters and diseases. And the south is hot and humid, glutinous rice is rich in oil, but it is easy to be greasy, so it is not suitable for eating in hot weather. However, glutinous rice has the effects of warming the stomach and tonifying middle school and Qi, so it is particularly popular in cold winter.

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