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What are the customs of the Xiaohan solar term in 2021? What is the flower trade style

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small cold solar term is the solar term after the winter solstice. When it is small cold, the weather is even colder, and people also attach great importance to keeping warm. What is the custom of small cold solar term in 2021? What is Xiaohan flower trade wind? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

2021年小寒节气有什么习俗 花信风是什么

what are the customs of the solar term of Xiaohan in 2021? When Xiaohan comes, Laba porridge will completely enter the atmosphere of the new year. Many people will choose to eat a lot of Laba porridge on this day to supplement the nutrition that the body does not supplement at ordinary times. Nut foods are also necessary for Xiaohan. Laba eats such rich hot porridge before and after the Xiaohan solar term, which can not only stimulate appetite, but also increase body heat and warm the stomach and eliminate cold.


eat glutinous rice. It is very common to eat glutinous rice in the gourmet capital of Guangzhou. It is a tradition to eat glutinous rice during festivals. Moreover, at the end of the year, most areas still choose to cook glutinous rice. In Guangzhou tradition, Xiaohan eats glutinous rice in the morning. In order to avoid being too glutinous, it is generally 60% glutinous rice and 40% fragrant rice, Chop up the bacon and sausage, fry them, fry the peanuts, add some chopped scallion, and mix them in the rice.

2021年小寒节气有什么习俗 花信风是什么

welcome the new year. On the day of Xiaohan, it indicates that they have completely entered the atmosphere of the new year. Many people begin to buy new year goods and prepare a large number of new year food, which is also a completely relaxed state. Many people cut window flowers, go to the market to buy new year pictures, colored lights, firecrackers, incense, etc., and prepare for the Spring Festival one after another. In terms of diet, instant boiled mutton hot pot, eating sugar and fried chestnuts and baking sweet potatoes have become a fashion for Xiaohan.

what is the flower letter of Xiaohan solar term? There are three kinds of flower letters in Xiaohan solar term. The first flower letter is plum blossom, the second flower letter is camellia, and the third flower letter is Narcissus

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