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What season does the solar term Xiaohan belong to? What traditional foods are there

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in the 24 solar terms, Xiaohan is a colder solar term in China, but many people don't know much about Xiaohan, so what season does Xiaohan belong to? What traditional food does Xiaohan have? Just follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and get to know each other!

节气小寒是属于什么季节当中 有哪些传统食物

what season does the solar term Xiaohan belong to: Winter Xiaohan is the 23rd of the 24 solar terms, the end of the sub month of the trunk and branch calendar and the beginning of the ugly month. The time is between January 5 and 7 of the Gregorian calendar, and the sun is located at 285 ° of the Yellow meridian. For China, it was around the "March 9th" and Xiaohan marked the beginning of the coldest day of the year. According to the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the month: "on the December Festival, the cold at the beginning of the month is still small, so the cloud is big at the half of the month." according to the data, the light cold is the solar term with the lowest temperature, and the temperature of the heavy cold in only a few years is lower than that of the light cold.

what traditional foods does Xiaohan eat Laba porridge? Laba is generally between Xiaohan and great cold. When Xiaohan comes, it means that the new year is coming.


eat glutinous rice. It is a tradition in Guangzhou that Xiaohan eats glutinous rice in the morning. In order to avoid being too glutinous, it is usually 60% glutinous rice and 40% fragrant rice. Chop and fry the bacon and sausage, fry the peanuts, add some chopped scallion, and mix them in the rice.


eat vegetables and rice. In ancient times, Nanjing people attached great importance to Xiaohan, but with the changes of the times, it has gradually faded. Now people can only find traces in life.


eat yellow sprouts. According to the records of miscellaneous records of Jinmen, there was a custom of Xiaohan eating yellow sprouts in Tianjin in the old times.

节气小寒是属于什么季节当中 有哪些传统食物

blessings of the solar term of Xiaohan 1. Xiaohan is cold in the world, and friends bless the warm heart; Snowflakes are flying all over the sky, and friends still reappear; In a hurry, the years have joys and sorrows, the waves of friends are surging, the snowflakes are frozen and broken, bitter and sad, watering the fertile field of happiness. I wish my friend Xiaohan a happy life, keep in touch when you are free, and always think of you in my heart. 2. When the solar term of Xiaohan arrives, I'll send you: warm masks, sincere woven gloves, and caring about woven hats. Isn't that enough? Then I'll hug you with love. I wish you good health, no cold, happiness and happiness until you get old! 3. Be happy and shuttle in the cold wind; Good luck precipitates in the years; Happiness ferments in snowflakes; Mood, happy in greetings; Friendship warms up in blessings. Xiaohan is coming. I wish you endless happiness and good luck!

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