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Is the 24 solar terms cold the coldest in a year

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will usher in the last solar term of the year after the cold solar term, and the most representative feature of this solar term is cold. Is the 24 solar term cold the coldest in a year? What are the proverbs related to the cold? Let's understand it together with the old yellow calendar!

24节气大寒是一年中最冷的吗 相关谚语

is the 24 solar term severe cold the coldest time of the year? In the meaning, severe cold is the coldest time of the year, but in terms of climate, mild cold is the coldest time of the year. It is understood that the temperature of a place is related to the direct and oblique sunlight. The day with the most severe oblique solar radiation is the winter solstice. Although the light oblique radiation is the most severe before and after the winter solstice, the surface layer still has the heat accumulated since summer as a "reserve force". During the light cold period, the heat to be obtained and released tends to be equal, that is, the surface layer stores the least heat. Therefore, the light cold solar term weather is the coldest. This is similar to the highest temperature of the day, not at noon, but around 2 p.m. After the slight cold, the temperature gradually increases, so the average temperature of the severe cold is slightly higher than that of the slight cold.

24节气大寒是一年中最冷的吗 相关谚语

proverbs related to cold solar terms 1. Small cold and great cold, kill pigs for the new year (Spring Festival). 2. After the cold, it's another year (lunar calendar). 3. Whether it is cold or not is not a year. 4. The severe cold reaches its peak and the days will get warmer in the future. 5. The slight cold is not as cold as the severe cold. After the severe cold, the sky is getting warmer. 6. Little cold is better than great cold, which is common and rare. 7. Small cold and great cold, frozen into a ball. 8. The cold is in March and September, and the heat is in the middle. 9. La Qi La Ba, frozen dry duck. 10. Wax seven Laba, freeze cracked feet. 11. Three nine, four nine, freeze broken mortar.

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