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What does it mean when the cold dew is waiting for the goose guests? The goose flies south

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cold dew means that the temperature is low at this time, and many areas will even enter winter. The store temperature is low, the dew is heavy, and it is about to condense into frost. Cold dew is divided into three periods. What does this cold dew period represent? How does the old yellow calendar explain this content? Let's learn about the records of the cold dew season in the old yellow calendar.

寒露一候鸿雁来宾是什么意思 鸿雁南飞

what does it mean when the wild geese are waiting for the cold dew? It means that in the cold dew season, many wild geese will move to the South on a large scale. Usually they are lined up in a "line" or a "human" queue.

What to eat when cold dew? 1. Chrysanthemum wine because cold dew is close to the Double Ninth Festival, when chrysanthemums are in full bloom, some areas will have the custom of drinking "chrysanthemum wine", which can eliminate autumn dryness. Chrysanthemum wine is also known as "longevity wine" ", is an ancient name. The wine is brewed from chrysanthemum, glutinous rice and Jiuqu. It tastes sweet. It can brighten the eyes, beautify the face and eliminate fatigue. It can improve people's work efficiency. If you soak a pot and drink it, your complexion will gradually get better. 2. One of the customs when crab cold dew comes is to eat crabs. Ancient Poetry Day:" In September, the navel is pointed in October, holding pincers to drink chrysanthemum day. "There is also a proverb of" nine females and ten males "among the people. Crab meat can be said to be a top-grade precious aquatic product. Its meat is tender and delicious at this time."


"" 寒露一候鸿雁来宾是什么意思 鸿雁南飞 ""


"3. Flower cake" cake "is homonymous with" Gao ", and faces the ninth anniversary of Double Ninth Festival. Therefore, this flower cake is also called" Double Ninth Festival flower cake " "Is the moral of" rising step by step ". There are invited dried fruits, jujube, walnut and some preserved apricots and peaches in the flower cake, which tastes very good. There are many kinds of flower cakes. In the past, aristocrats often used money cakes."


"4. When Zhima cold dew arrived, the weather changed from cool to cold, so there was" cold dew "to eat sesame seeds "The custom of cold dew tea."


"5. People of cold dew tea say that" the tea of the year lies in autumn ". In this weather with the deepening of autumn, holding a cup of hot tea in leisure time can warm your body and heart. The cold dew solar term is suitable for drinking a cup of cold dew tea."

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